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Lipstick P/Review: ZA Plumper Lips

I am slowly appreciating ZA Cosmetics, I now pass by their counters whenever I make the beauty hall rounds. There’s something comforting about a brand that I’m familiar with for so long, and it being under the Shiseido company. I also love the uncomplicated branding/packaging, I don’t get confused when I browse through their products. And one such product I happened to look at is this lipstick:


ZA Plumper Lips in Sunset Glow, Php425

Gives your lips perfect clarity and depth. “Fill-up collagen” replenishes your lips with rich moisture while “Plump-up pearl”,with its light-diffusing effect, makes your lips look incredibly plump and smooth.


The lipstick comes in a shiny metal tube that sort of feels luxe, I mean, more than the plastic ones for sure. The product itself is extremely creamy and soft, I’m afraid it might melt off on the slightest temp increase. So I don’t know why I got, knowing full well my preference for matte formulas.


But just look at that finish! It gives me full/soft/smooth looking lips! I honestly don’t know if the collagen and Vitamin E on it is real deal, I just like how it applies: melts on the lips on contact giving an even coat of color. If I am to describe it, i’d say it’s a watery lipstick. But it’s lipstick nonetheless because I don’t get that waxy resistance from balms, I get full color and coverage. It’s not gloss because it’s not tacky/glittery (at least this color) and slick, it sets leaving a film of color.


This ZA lipstick line comes in several shades, but I was drawn to this pinky coral intuitively, I know this shade in this type of formula suits me. It would be great to try other shades too–there are 10 in total. Staying power is minimal, maybe two to three hours, even less if you eat in between. Reapplication isn’t such a chore although I tend to use balm after the third time, my lips feel a bit dryer by then.


I know this lip-look is very popular with our Asian neighbors (dubbed as melty lips, milky lips), and I can see why! It’s very soft, girly and youthful, things I know some of us want to steer clear from (being that it’s probably the opposite of fierce) but aren’t really so bad. I mean, sometimes it feels strangely liberating to put down your fierce guard. Overall, a great lipstick to try for work, for (first) dates and for pictorials–instant prettify-er!


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