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Hearts/Farts: Eye of Horus Liquid Define Pen Eyeliner

First review off of my Eye of Horus event loot is one of these items:


I actually got two Goddess pencils and one pen liner,  the latter of which I’ll review for you today.


Eye of Horus Liquid Define Pen Liner, Php990 

Amazingly easy to use Liquid Define is smudge-proof, waterproof and long lasting. With its felt tip pen applicator, it glides on without creasing on the lid, always delivering a sharp, defined line.


The Liquid Define is a pen-type liquid eyeliner with a reversible felt-tip applicator. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of felt tip pens, with makeup at least. In my career life, felt tip pens are the easier type to sketch with but with makeup it can be a bit, stiff. In other words, I don’t like the Sharpie-esque feel on my skin that’s why I don’t buy liners of this particular type.

But enough about that, lets talk about this beauty-type of marker, the Liquid Define. Right away, it perked my interest because it is so dark and opaque, unlike other pen-type liners I’ve swatched before.



Here I’ve applied the product over a MAC Paint Pot and it marked without a hitch, the line was intense and definite although I tend to pat the tip on first before drawing a smooth line to build and draw the shape that I like. I had trouble applying this liner at first because I’m not used to the unwieldy tip, so I find this technique easier rather than trying to get one long perfect line. And then I usually spend couple of strokes perfecting the tail. With felt-tip pens, you have to really draw on the shape, you cant just swoosh it. The tentativeness (i.e. nginig) of your stroke will show.


What else I’m wearing: Etude House Precious Minerals Brightening BB Cream, Majolica Majorca Blood On, Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil in Acorn, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, NYX Wonder Pencil in Medium, The Face Shop Freshian Volume Mascara, ZA Plumper Lips in Sunset Coral


Here’s a closeup. (Off topic: are my lashes long yet?) Anyway, you can see how I was able to make a somewhat solid line with a tiny flick at the end. That’s the upside of pens though, you can control the tiniest stroke a thickness of the line. However, I noticed after a few uses that the tip has worn down a bit, as is typical of felt-types. But not to worry!

Liquid Define’s pen-like tip gives better control and comes with a reversible tip. You can extract the tip using tweezers and flip it around and you’ve got a brand new tip! Eye of Horus Liquid Define can be “primed” keep the liquid through to the tip of the felt pen, open and turning cap upside down to make a “cup” bend the tip slightly to point down inside the cupped lid to push liner liquid to tip. This will keep the liquid in the barrel filled to the tip, and a beautiful full line.



Perhaps the greatest upside of the Liquid Define is the long-wearing time. I had a hectic 12 hours the day I was wearing it: went to the weekend market, went to pick up some desserts for a family gathering, went to that family gathering, walked two dogs, had a foot spa. And I only had to retouch the tail, once.  Even better, I only used warm water to take it off!

Of course, I heart the Eye of Horus Liquid Define pen. It takes practice, since I’m used to brush-type pens, but the resulting line–its opacity and longevity–makes it worth my time! I’ve been using this as a filler too, since the hard tip makes it easier to wiggle in between my lashes. Try this if you’re having a hard time with other liner types, it just might be the pen for you!

Eye of Horus is being sold online, at and soon at select Snoe Beauty stores.


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