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On Awakening The Goddess Within: The Eye Of Horus Product Launch

I’ve been fortunate to be invited by the Glamourbox team to the launch of Australian cult brand Eye of Horus last week. Like I said in a previous photo post, of course, we know it’s been around for sometime via the online commercial platform Glamourbox, but this time, Eye Of Horus is bringing along some other magical treats!

I first discovered Eye of Horus via Glamourbox, actually, the first and only beauty box I’ve subscribed with. They included a full-sized mascara on their very first box and I remember it has been my runaway favorite. Here, I even have an old Instagram (clicking the photo takes you to my review)!

photo (63)

That’s why I’m so psyched to be there when Glamourbox and Snoe Beauty launched the full range of Eye of Horus makeup, announcing it will soon be sold at Snoe Beauty kiosks! There, I already gave away the ending, no?

Anyway, let me backtrack a bit. Me and a few other bloggers/editors/makeup artists were invited for an afternoon tête-à-tête at Apartment 1B, One Rockwell. Glamourbox’s Lia Andrea Ramos welcomed everyone and introduced the special guest for that afternoon. Eye of Horus Australia’s Nicole Spierings talked to us about how the brand Eye of Horus came about, some interesting tidbits as well as tips and tricks to keep our EOH products last long as possible. As you know, Eye of Horus products are formulated in the style of ancient Egyptians: paraben-free plant-based ingredients with variety of waxes such as carnauba, beeswax, rice bran, candelila and moringa oil.


Afterwards was a short makeup demo using Eye of Horus products, the model/makeup artist Fatima Rabago showed us how  to do a smoky eye using the pencils, and the eyeshadow palette as bronzer!


We were also encouraged to try and experience their range of products. Of course, quite expectedly, I zeroed in on the pencils!


I was so impressed with the EOH pencils—such great buttery texture! Y’all know how much I love pencils, and how much I rely on them for most of my makeup looks. I have been wanting to get the Eye of Horus Smokey Eye pencil for so long since I’ve read so many great reviews, and now it has expanded to a bigger range called Goddess Eye Pencils which come in rich, exotic colors..eep! The new product range also includes a liquid pen-type liner with a reversible tip (!) and refillable baked eye shadows.


Those baked eyeshadows got everyone excited and swatching!


Look at those pencil swatches! We sort of grabbed Nicole’s hand to take a photo!



Here’s a closer look at my “Egyptian inspired” makeup.. I was supposed to wear the necklace on my head but I got shy so I took it off! Anyway, even so, I enjoyed coming up with this look as I rarely have the chance to get creative with makeup. I opted for a modern graphic eye liner with a gold accent on my inner lower lids and blue on the inner upper lid.FOTD_Ae

To see what the other girls wore, check out the Glamourbox blog!

I had so much fun and came home very, very excited to check my loot bag! :p I’ll do a post soon as I’ve been (slowwwly) road-testing them out—so far, so good!! Thanks Glamourbox, Snoe Beauty and Eye of Horus—I’m sure it’ll be a hit in stores, they have amazing, honest-to-goodness products. Keep your eyes peeled for these at Snoe Beauty stalls, meanwhile you may check and order via Glamourbox.


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