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On The Browed And The Beautiful: The Wink Wax And Laser Studio Experience

In a sort of a continuation from this previous post, let me tell you about my brow waxing experience at Liz of Project Vanity‘s Brow Date a few weeks back at Wink Wax and Laser Studio. I thought it would be better to write a separate post on what almost didn’t happen–as I was too control-freaky apprehensive about having other people touch my brows.

Well, part of the Brow Date is to have a go at Wink’s eyebrow waxing service, before the eyebrow definition lecture/workshop. My outmost concern is not the removal process per se, but the shaping process. I’m used to having my underarms and legs waxed so I’m quite okay with pain, etc., but brows are an entirely different matter—to me anyway! So let me talk you through the Wink process of hair removal. I have never been so relaxed with such a small/short procedure, but I’m getting ahead of myself again.


At the reception, a specialist will be assigned and introduced to you. My specialist was Cherry–very soft-spoken and mild-mannered–that some of my fears were put on hold upon our meeting. She ushered me inside the waxing booth, all smiley and professional!


Okay, the panic of having my eyebrow hairs touched was eventually allayed by my therapist’s calm explanation of the process, which is simply waxing the general eyebrow area to emphasize the existing eyebrow shape. She’s been really helpful, answering all my silly little questions while still keeping careful attention to the waxing process. The whole thing was over in a few minutes (15, max!).


But wait, can you allow me a moment to geek out on at Wink’s ceiling treatment (and overall sterile yet fun interiors)? The hanging, undulating asterisk motif makes for an interesting accent while the clever use of mirrors and matching wallpaper added to the infinity effect. I like! Something that keeps my detail-centric mind busy while having ’em hairs pulled.

So clean yet so fun (=not scary)!


The bed is actually covered with big sheets of paper, which was weird at first, but the thought that they’re fresh (uh, not been used by other people) made me more relaxed than if I’m lying on a towel. I’m really not okay seeing hair (not mine) anywhere in a hair removal place which sounds oxymoronic, but when you think about it, hair removal is a very intimate and delicate process, therefore, hygiene should be tops.


But aside from issues of hygiene and service, I like Wink’s waxing medium itself. It’s hot wax, yes, but it has come a long long way from the hot mess of yesteryears.


Wink Laser & Wax Studio uses Berodin Wax (previously named Berins), a premium wax formulated by Wax Queen Lori Nestore together with notable inventor Christian des Garets. Berodin Waxes are based on patented formulations and are considered as new generation waxes. They are warmed at low heat and applied just above skin temperature, making them gentle and effective. The creamy texture makes it less brittle and sticky than traditional waxes. Wink Laser & Wax Studio is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Berodin Wax. {source}


This was my first time to try hot wax on my face and I have to say that I found it be a strangely relaxing experience! The unscented wax goes on gooey (and not sticky, yay!), imparts a soothing warmth to the skin and somewhat sets to a soft layer that allows for it to be pulled by itself in one go—no strips necessary! This makes for a fuss and fudge-free process, it couldn’t be anymore simpler, could it? A simple process for me means there’s less chance of trouble, so I’m all for that. I came in with not-so-groomed but fully made up brows. Cherry had to remove all the makeup to see the actual brow hairs, then proceeded to apply the wax between, on top, below and on the side of my brows. She was also able to take out the hairs I can’t pluck on my lower lid (because plucking those were painful so I just leave it) which was great because then my brows are thoroughly groomed! You wouldn’t think all that would make an obvious difference, but after the session I came out with really defined brows! I almost need not apply anything on them! Compare:


Finally, here’s my brows a few days after the brow grooming session. I only used Makeup Factory Brow Gel on keep them in place. Pretty neat, eh? 


Though this has nothing to do with the state of my brows and need no mentioning,really–I came out of the waxing room much more relaxed, like I came out of a spa! You wont know what I’m talking about until you book yourself an appointment. The price points are also competitive considering the products and the quality of service you enjoy. Lest I forget, Wink is also very much a laser hair removal place. If I am to do laser in the future, I would definitely book with Wink as clearly, it’s the cleanest, safest place to do it (they only hire nurses for laser procedures). I’ve attached the menu of services, for your reference!







Wink Laser and Wax Studio

3rd Level, C2 Building

7th Ave cor 28th street, Bonifacio High Street Central,

BGC, Taguig

Mobile: +63917 303WINK

Tel: +632 8087258



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