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QMP: Three New MACs

Hello guys! So sorry for the long absence, I was simply too busy to do posts..as you know after coming back from Bangkok, my schedule has gotten off rail, I haven’t even taken out my purchases from there! That busy, it’s hopeless!

Anyway, contrary to the blog inactivity, I have been busy hauling collecting stuff. Here are three new things I got from a recent Duty Free trip with my sister!



L-R: MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, MAC Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

I rarely buy MAC from mall branches, just cause I’m too kuripot to spend a few more bucks for the peso-dollar difference (and markup!). I justify that and then get more things than I really need—the MAC Lady Danger is a whim purchase. I’m sure I don’t need another red lipstick? But zomg, don’t you just dig this punchy red?


On the other hand, I’ve started wanting the MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash ever since I saw Lisa Eldridge use it in one of her Youtube videos. She said it was her mascara of the moment, and of course silly little me had to go and get it, I even got my sister to get a tube for herself as well. It turned out to be a good call as I’m in like with it. I think I’ll do a full review, but in a nutshell, this mascara gives great definition and lift, and I’m quite taken with its brush!


Lastly, the MAC Painterly Paint Pot just about rounds up my cream shadow collection. I now have a light, matte color to use as a neutral base for my lids. I have been lazier than usual to do eye makeup, given the wacky work load, but I’m sure I’ll find my stride. Specially now that the holidays are starting–too many parties dancing on my mind!


That’s all for now! Will catch up with you later, have a great day!


6 thoughts on “QMP: Three New MACs

  1. Haha I so agree! I don’t buy MAC except during Duty Free trips. Clinique has great boxed deals in DF also, but I splurged on the last Bonus Time in Trinoma since I liked the sample items.

    • Yah, hehe, my sister bought the dramatically different lotion box which came out real cheap. But I have yet to really get into Clinique. 🙂

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