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Lipstick P/Review: OFRA Lipstick in Shade 205

The first and relatively easy to review product from this month’s Glamourbox is a lipstick from US brand OFRA. I have encountered the brand from a previous box and to be honest I wasn’t too impressed. But that was a lipstick palette, you know, those that come with a dinky lipstick brush, and me, not a fan. I am more than willing to try anything from a tube, though.


OFRA Lipstick in Shade 205, Php 650 at


Right away I knew we were going to like each other—I  like vibrant colors! This is a magenta/ blue-based pink that goes on glossy yet pigmented. It goes on smooth and feels very moisturizing, like a balm, and retains the moist finish for longer than most satin lipsticks. My lips get a luscious, healthy sheen which, I must admit, I don’t get from my much-loved matte lipsticks. It’s a pleasant deviation and surprise.


For all it’s moisturizing properties, this lasts longer than a typical lip butter (well, it’s a lipstick). It also leaves a stain, which makes it easier to build on top of. A typical day at the office requires reapplication every 2-3hours, and that gives me consistently colored and sheeny lips.


If you’re not too comfy with bright lips, give these OFRA lipsticks a try. It is obviously bright, but the texture and finish makes for a softer, less daunting effect. It doesn’t hurt that it moisturizes plenty too!



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