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Lipstick P/review: Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Matte Lipsticks

These came out sometime ago, and I had to kind of forget about them first because they aren’t too easy to get  hold of, and I’m not exactly in dire need of matte lipsticks. But I love Rimmel and I love Kate, so when these became available in one of my preferred online resellers, I placed an order, for three.


Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipstick in (L-R) 107, 101, 113


I actually have three from the collab’s first release, and I don’t know, I probably like collecting as much as wearing lipsticks. Anyway, I applied all three lipsticks without balm/primer or lip liner. At the get-go, I was surprised how soft and moist these lipsticks feel, as if they’re not matte! However, the formula feels gritty, as though powder particles are in it. The lipsticks later on set to a dry, somewhat moisturizing finish.

This first lipstick 101, a pale pink, reminds me of MAC Please Me, although this is milky sheer, streaky and much less pigmented. It feels a bit powdery and greasy, although I guess that might fare better to those who hate the drying effect of matte lipsticks. The color is lovely enough, specially if I’m going for soft, pastel lips.


The next color 113, is a nude beige, reminiscent of MAC Honeylove but paler. I don’t think this is a very ideal hue for me–it’s too pale, it’s not so opaque and it’s not so even. But I guess filling my lips in with lip liner/lip concealer might do wonders. But I still like this enough, thinking this would great for mod, 60s look (which I am a big fan of).


Probably my most favorite out of the group is this deep crimson shade, 107. This has the best texture out of the three, and perhaps because of the dark color, it goes on more even and sets more matte.


I only have two major concerns with these lipsticks, one, the finish, which is streaky by matte standards. A huge part of why I like matte lipsticks is how opaque and solid looking the color looks on the lips, and while 107 delivers, the other requires prep work and building up for the color to show through the way I want my matte lipsticks to be. Two, the SMELL. If you have Rimmel lipsticks I’m sure you know what I’m talking about , but this is even more intense with these lipsticks. You wont miss the sharp, masked cosmetic/chemical scent that lingers for longer than I can ignore and as such, I cant wear it for extended periods of time. But overall, I don’t regret getting any of these specially since they’re cheap!


4 thoughts on “Lipstick P/review: Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Matte Lipsticks

    • Hi, Tellie! It’s probably the flash, but 107 is deeper on the tube–a very lovely color! I think that’s what Kate Moss was wearing on the campaign. 🙂

  1. I never knew that there are actually matte lipsticks until I kept reading about them on your blog! Haha. Now I know I can’t wear them coz my lips are forever dry. The 107 looks really nice!

    • Haha, wow, thanks, I guess! 🙂 Of course you can wear matte! Just buff your lips with a cotton bud and balm first, before starting your makeup and then wipe off when you’re about to apply lipstick (ala Lisa E!) . I find that dabbing/patting on the the [matte] lipstick makes it easier to apply than swiping it on.

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