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Hearts/Farts: MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood

There was no pressing reason why I had to go out and about looking for another Paint Pot—it’s just that I want to. So this was clearly just a caprice.

I was actually checking out the new releases, and I was initially drawn to Éclair from the Baking Beauties collection but as what seems to be always the case, another one stole the show.


MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood, Php1150


The color is nothing spectacular, it’s a metallic coppery gold—every other eye shadow palette has a color of that sort. Well, I like that it looks a bit rusty and warm, but that isn’t the reason why I like it so much. It’s the texture. You have to believe me when I say this has got to be the smoothest, shiniest and most buttery Paint Pot I have ever come across. The texture and the foil-like brilliance won me over and I knew it was only a matter of time before I head out to get it.


I don’t like to fuss so much about eye makeup—that’s why I like cream eye shadows a lot, it’s rub and go! Anyway, this color is versatile enough as a wash of shimmer for daytime. But I piled it on a bit more in these photos to really bring out the effect I was telling you about. I like to wear it a bit messy and wrinkly to emphasize its high-shine and sparkle—like I applied gold leaf on my lids. (And I like that it gets on my lashes too!)


Obviously, I love this..it might not be the most practical purchase but sometimes you have to give in to your heart’s little desires. I did, and now I have to wear it every chance I get!


What about you—crushing on a Paint Pot lately? Oh, I have so many beauty things in my head right now! Maybe I should do a wish list.


7 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood

  1. Ako din madami wishlist! Haha. I might have to get Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil from your other review. Makeup remover wipes are a bit expensive per sheet and my skin feels stressed after

    • Haha, what to do! I have a sample of the Shu cleansing oil–the green variant, I’ll give to Mark to give to you! It will change the way you cleanse you face, I swear! 🙂

      • Yay thanks! 😀 I went to a Shu workshop last Friday and wala daw sila samples ng cleansing oil. I need to buy daw 8k worth of product first. The MAC foundation I bought recently is oil-based pala kaya nahihirapan ako tanggalin with soap lang haha I didn’t know there was water based and oil based

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Carina’s Nosy Beauty post. I love your writing and I crush you!

    As for the paint pot, I love how they lit your eyes up. You look like you have lights trained on your eyelids! I think it’s a great way to wear shimmer without looking overly formal or done up or hooker-y.

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