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Heart/Farts: Collection Concealers

UK’s drugstore brand Collection launched some months back in Manila,  although I was able to get items prior and much later. I have always been curious about the brand, having seen them regularly used and talked about online, by Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge no less. I have seen the stands and the array of products but I was drawn mostly to their concealers–I got the Illuminating Touch when I was in Hong Kong (hence, the battered state) and then recently, the Lasting Perfection, here at the Landmark.


Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer. Conceals flaws and blemishes for up to 16 hours. Transfer resistant.Php299

Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer. Helps conceal dark circles and blemishes. Light diffusing particles naturally illuminate eyes. HKD 39?



Left: Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Medium 3 Right: Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer in Glow 3.

I got the darkest  shades available for both, Medium 3 for the Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer (LPUWC) and Glow 3 for the Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer (ITBC). I don’t know what’s with and dark concealers, but I keep running away from the light ones. Maybe in my mind, I’m still darker than my usual, or I cringe at the thought of seeing white crescents under my eyes. Anyway, the swatches look darker on my arm than on my face. Both sort of fades to a lighter color when blended out. That’s why I don’t get myself too worked up on getting the perfect color as most concealers blend out to a thin layer that will still allow your skin color through.



Left: Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Medium 3 Right: Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer (ITBC) in Glow 3.

Off the bat, LPUWC is thicker and applies more opaque than ITBC, which is creamier and easier to blend. The latter blends to a more sheer finish although I cant see any obvious illuminating effect (shimmer particles etc) while the former sets to a hard, budge-proof layer that can look a bit too tight and sometimes might accentuate expression lines (like, how Elmer Glue sets to the skin). I find that I like putting this type of concealer on first before my BB cream to help soften and blend it easier. Thick concealers tend to sit on the skin more obviously than sheer ones, so I resort to wearing them underneath my base makeup. Like I said, both  concealers set so you have to work fast when blending—I almost always use my fingers, that’s the fastest.



My left, the mole side: Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Medium 3 My right: Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer (ITBC) in Glow 3.

Here, I’ve applied the concealers on each side of my face. I use concealers mainly to try to cancel the many other pigmentation areas on my face—my inner under eyes are kind of darker and bluish, and the sides of nose are reddish. The LPUWC effectively masks those areas and I was really impressed since I only had to use a very small amount to do this. The ITBC on the other hand sheers out so that I’m still left with some faint discoloration. Normally, it’s fine, I don’t like plastering my face so that it lacks dimension. As for the odd blemish, I have tried using both, and the LPUWC does the job better mainly because it’s more opaque. I’d let you be the judge of that actually, as what you think the photo suggests.

I do not expect a lot from my concealers, so long as they stay put for as long as my foundation does. The LPUW in particular stays really well, way beyond my foundation/BB cream actually.


I think Collection makes great concealers for their price range. The texture and coverage are satisfactory, and the concealers both do what they are supposed to. As always, you’d have to figure out what your concealer needs are–if you need minor concealing, I recommend the Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer (although it’s yet to be available here) because it’s convenient to use and easy apply and blend. But if you think you need more, try the Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer as it gives great coverage and is really long-wearing. I have both and I find that I reach out for the ITBC pen more for day use with my BB cream, but I like using the tube of LPUWC for when I’m going out with a proper foundation. My only concern at this point is how long they’ll last without drying up. I would have to get back to you on that!


2 thoughts on “Heart/Farts: Collection Concealers

  1. Didn’t know they had pen types. I’ve tried the Essence pen-type one and it’s good for everyday. Not very long-lasting because it’s lightweight and watery but it’s ok.

    • They do but the Manila stands don’t carry it, I dunno why. Yeah I’ve swatched the Essence ones and this is far far better! I hope they carry this here soon!:)

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