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Lipstick P/Review: MAC Archie’s Girls Boyfriend Stealer

I know this ship has long sailed, but I was able to get a tube of this lipstick just recently via my sister, who like me, gets really psyched with Limited Editions and collaborations! Who wouldn’t get excited over such cutesy packaging?

DSC_2131 (2)

MAC Archie’s Girls Cremesheen lipstick in Boyfriend Stealer

DSC_2136 (2)

When I was young, I used to read a ton of Archie Comics also by way of said sister (I read pretty much everything she reads!), although my favorite has got to be Jughead Jones. I was never a am-I-a-Betty-or-Veronica so no, I’m not going there. I am a LIPSTICK person though, so let’s talk lipstick!

Boyfriend Stealer is a deliciously dark, rich, plummy lipstick that goes on sheer and slick but without the micro sparkles. It is a cremesheen, and that MAC lipstick group seems to be a bit challenging to work with, as far as I’m concerned.


The color is deep and almost eggplant, and while I’m all for dark lipsticks, the color base is too slick and slide-y which makes it hard to get a good, even swipe of color to show through. And this problem becomes obvious more so because the color is so dark.


You’ll see my natural lip color at the middle of my lower lip. Applying another layer won’t do much as it tends to thin out in the middle, or that much product will slip and slide all over the place. It’s such a shame coz the color is really intriguing, and texture is comfortable enough, it’s just, the finish wont sit properly!


Anyway, I find that blotting your lips in tissue, retouching the color in the middle and then blotting the whole lip sort of solves the problem but then you’ll lose that gorgeous shine. Oh well. I’ve yet to find a win-win way, but in the meantime, I’m sticking to my matte lipsticks!


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