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Hearts/Farts: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

I feel silly for still being stuck reviewing items from the old Glamourbox while the new and exciting Avon x Glamourbox is now out! (Have you got yours yet?!)

But anyway, I’m quite passionate about sunscreens so I don’t mind doing a review. I love getting sunscreens, I feel like I get the most use out it than any other beauty product! I use it every single day, wont leave home without it on, with or without makeup.  And, I’m glad I got this as part of the box as I’ve long had my eye on this exact Neutrogena variety:


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture Sunscreen, full size 30mL, Php460


The Ultra Sheer comes in a smaller, more compact bottle with a narrow spout similar to most cosmetic packaging. This is great for many good reasons, aside from being handy, you get a small amount of product every time. The texture is quite fluid and runny, oil-free and non-greasy, and this too has the Neutrogena Dry-Touch Technology leaving a clean, lightweight, non-shiny finish. I think I should mention that this is made in Korea, if that means anything to you, but to me, it’s cool since I like how Koreans are crazy about beauty, he he.


It’s not mattifying or anything like that, it still is sunscreen (same smell, same feel) but because it is lighter, it’s easier to apply/blend and gets easily absorbed by the skin. There’s still a faint white cast if not blended all too well but that’s a small price to pay considering you’re getting SPF 50/PA+++ protection (that means you’re covered against UVB and UVA rays)!


More than anything, I appreciate that this sunscreen has a more cosmetic slant to it than my other sunscreens, from packaging to texture and wear. On the bottle it even says that it’s suitable to use as a makeup base and that’s exactly how I roll so this product’s thinking what I’m thinking..

Here I’m wearing the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer under my Tony Moly Cats Wink foundation. I tried to take a photo when the sun was at its brightest so I can show you if there’s a white cast whatever.


It might look it, but I’m guessing anything under that sun will shine anyway. Under normal light it looks perfectly okay. Well, it feels normal for sure—I don’t feel like wearing anything more than usual, I don’t oil up, and my makeup stays intact.


To be honest, I cant be bothered with white cast issues because I don’t expect to be photographed everyday, anyway. My bigger concern here is skin care and protection and if it works with my makeup then that’s bigger plus! This Neutrogena Ultra Sheer satisfies all that so I’m very happy with it! If you want a sunscreen that’s particularly good for the face and with your makeup, this is great—this gets a <3!


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