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Hearts/Farts: Bare Naturals Products

And we’re back in business.

I finally got my computer back, and so the blogging continues. The next few posts were written more than a week ago from when I returned from my beach trip. From then until now, I have quite a lot to talk to you about, starting with the stuff I got from Glamourbox. As I mentioned in the introductory post, I’m excited to try these items from Barenaturals.


Barenaturals, established in 2007, is a local brand selling imported natural oils, natural skincare products (from imported ingredients, manufactured locally) and cosmetics. The Bridal Bliss Glamourbox included two items from the brand:


Bare Naturals Skin Perfecting Primer, full sized, Php398 at Glamourbox

I’m not so sure if this is a sample-size, but you should be getting 30mL for a full size product. The colorless, almost scentless gel contains pretty powerful stuff–tea tree oil (anti bacterial), squalene and COQQ10 (antioxidants), vitamin E (nourishing), and pearl powder (beautifying) which are supposed to mattify the skin and help makeup last.


I use one full pump for the entire face. As with silicon-based products, this applies smoothly and goes on like nothing, leaving a soft, velvety texture on the skin. This actually has nothing to do with your real skin, but rather the silk–like effect of silicon itself. So, this photo basically shows nothing too, as the effect is more tactile than visual. I’m wearing the primer on bare skin.


And here, with a light foundation. I have to say that wearing a primer underneath does improve the application of foundation—it blends easier and somehow sits better on the skin. Because it was easier to spread the foundation on the skin, and perhaps the skin has been “coated” somewhat, I was able to get a more even surface to work with. I’d like to think that this also helped keep my base on longer than usual but I don’t really rely on primers for that. I like to use primers mainly to improve application and adherence. And I also buy the idea that sufficient and proper prep work in any makeup pays off, which I’ve probably illustrated several times in my makeup how-tos. I did not notice any incredible mattifying effect, as I was never a fan anyway. I just like how it improves my base makeup overall.


I am a bit concerned though with how silicon-y this product is, I feel as though it can suffocate the skin because of its tendency to film-coat the skin’s surface rather than sinking in and delivering the goodness it supposedly carries (COQ10, etc). I don’t have any scientific basis, that’s just how I feel and as such, I’m wont to use this on a daily basis. This gets a heart, for the seldom times I need such priming. Do you need it? Yes, because you will need at least one sort of primer in your kit and this one is a good and affordable option.


Bare Naturals Vitamin Stix Lip Butter in Butterfly Kisses,full sized, Php148 at Glamourbox

Next product, which I dint think I’d like so much, is the Vitamin Stix. I was kind of dubious looking at how pink and solid it is but an actual lip swatch changed my mind. The texture is quite lovely, buttery rather than waxy (thanks to the shea butter, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and vitamin E), with just the right amount of opacity. The color goes on sheer made chunky with a bit of shimmer—nothing to distracting but rather very flattering. I was afraid that the pink would be off on me but this is okay. Though it looks more coral on the tube, it applies to a cooler shade of pink which should probably look nice on light to medium skin tones.


It has a mild watermelon-y scent which I quite like–good thing it’s made of food-grade ingredients! I did get a bit of patchiness but that maybe because I’m having a dry lip situation at the moment; nonetheless, I advise against piling on too many swipes because it can cake on you. Most natural products do, as they leave out the smoothing chemicals other brands use. Be that as it may, I heart Vitamin Stix, it’s a comfortable lip product that gives off a lipstick-but-not-quite effect. I would be interested to check out other shades. I have not seen Bare Naturals products being sold around but for now, you may purchase them online at


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