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Hearts/Farts: MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel

This will be a quick review of a fairly old product, as you probably all know what’s to know about this.  It is a staple and a classic, and while I have tried and owned the drugstore varieties, nothing seemed to hold water next to MAC’s. I’ve actually written this a while back but only got around to posting it today, sorry.


MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel in Black Track, Php1,100


I’m sure it’s good as they all say it is, frankly my only concern is how long it would take before it dries out on me. I’ve just had about it with gel eyeliners that dry faster than I can say cat eye. You know they all start like love—creamy, pigmented, super easy to apply, but then give it a few weeks and it evaporates on you, it just falls out of it.

This does not disappoint, they formula is smooth, easy to apply and pigmented. It looks really black, and can cut through whatever it is you have on your lids.


I’m still getting reacquainted with the brush and the gel, I have loved my Japanese liquid liner pens for so long. But I am loving the look and effect of a gel eyeliner allover again! If you do eyeliners you know what I’m talking about.


I also find that I can use this to tight line my eyes as well. I just take the brush under my lashes to make that line really black. Another stellar point is that when it sets, it wont smudge/transfer/fade until you take it off. This is the best I’ve tried in that regard, although most drugstore gel eyeliners claim so.


Of course, I heart this! I have only to know if these wont dry out on me too. But as it is, the MAC Fluidline in Black Track is the best in its class. If you’re really into the cat eye look, you should totally invest in this. I’ve had this for some months now and the texture/consistency remains lovely, we’ll see in a year.


9 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel

  1. Totally agree with you! MAC’s fluidline is a staple. If you’re looking for a gel liner that doesn’t dry out in the pot, you can try Clinique’s! Their gel liners are equally good! ^_^

  2. Blacktrack is awesome. I was so happy I bought this for only 17 bucks (or was it 16?) in LA. What good brushes do you recommend for the liner?

    • Hi, Tin! Lucky you, MAC is really much more expensive here! The best one is the Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush which I use for ‘special’ occasions, for everyday, I just use a cheap generic eyeliner brush from Landmark (called Artist Studio). 🙂

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