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Hearts/Farts: CK Tempting Glance Intense Eye Shadow in Sandstone

Hi guys, I thought I’d start my Hong Kong reviews with this tiny thing from Calvin Klein. I got this for dirt cheap at the Sasa outlet store and perhaps out of everything I got, I wanted to check this first, to see if it’s alright.

From what I gather, these things are phased out already (hence the price drop) to give way to the new CK Beauty items. I don’t know, Calvin Klein isn’t exactly a beauty brand so I had no expectations whatsoever—frankly, I got this because it’s cheap.


Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Eye Shadow in Sandstone, HKD 28 (about Php150)


This single eye shadow comes in a nice, acrylic case that feels hefty/classy albeit tiny. It comes with a mirror and a cute sponge applicator. I love the packaging, fits nicely in my palm and it feels very CK, if that makes sense. There were a few colors available but I zeroed in on Sandstone, a matte mid-brown color.


I figured I’d get good mileage out of a neutral shade, and it could double as an eyebrow powder too. Anyway, these sorts of color don’t stand out much but I could use a good eye contouring shade. In these photos, I applied the powder all over my lids with the sponge applicator it came with.


The texture is on the powdery/chalky side but it’s very easy to build up, and not to easy to fudge up. It’s almost like a pressed/setting powder for the lids,


It gives a subtle pigmentation on the lids–not so great on its own, (i.e., not so obvious, why bother?) but I imagine could be a great base color for more complex eye looks, and like I said, for contouring along the socket line. While I usually apply some sort of cream base to apply eye makeup, a powder base makes blending easier coz the succeeding eye shadow wont stick to it as much as it will on cream. This lasts fairly well on the lids, what’s great is that it’s a matte powder, so it kind of helps with oily lids.


So, well, I’m on the fence with this one, I heart it mostly because of the cool packaging, but it in the end, it’s like any other matte brown eye shadow. I’ll try to do some fancy eye [makeup] work to see it in better action.


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