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On Hong Kong: Art, Food, Art, Food

Hello, hello! How have you guys been? I’m sorry for the lack of proper posts—I did try to entertain with some photos here and there! (Did you see?)


I did tell you that I’m going to Hong Kong for the Art Basel. Art Basel bought Art HK, thus, Art Basel HK, an international art fair franchise showing in Asia for the first time. My husband is an artist (as you probably already know) and he is showing in one of the booths there, while I, helped man that booth as well.

H showed photographs and objects:


The rest of the Silverlens booth:


It was my first time attending an international art fair, and my first time doing any shop-girling of sorts! It wasn’t easy, but it was fun!

It was raining when we arrived, BLACK Rain signal!


Grabbed this shot from a friend’s Instagram:


I wasn’t able to go around much (because I had to be at the booth!) and it was a HUGE fair, two floors of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center! But I did see works of my favorite artists (art stars!), but it was all too overwhelming. I’m looking forward to next year already!




That said, I haven’t had time to document my makeup/outfits during the fair as well, but I managed some washroom selfies for you:


Excuse this ridic Instagram selfie, this was what I wore for the vernissage:


Anyway, any Hong Kong post would not be complete without food. Actually, the first thing I did/had was this bottle of Kowloon Dairy (low fat, hehe) chocolate milk. It’s my favorite (I had one everyday! I brought home some pa!) and an absolute HK must.


Afterwards were a good deal of meals—fried, steamed, baked, etc. I ❤ Hong Kong!


Fried mutton wonton, fried rice and Tsing Tao, how can you go wrong?!


This shop at the Kowloon side MTR station sells the most delicious milk and cheese tarts. TDF.IMG_9795

This trip also introduced us to Szechuan cuisine—and that was quite a revelation! This was at Red Almond at Hysan Place in Causeway Bay. The food was super duper delish (and hot!)!


Yes, those are all chili peppers, fried with chicken meat.


On our last day, we made it a point to go to Central to go to Tim Ho Wan (you know, that cheapest Michelin star dim sum place) and wow, it sure didn’t disappoint!IMG_9818IMG_9823

You get a number and an order sheet, wait for a table to be available. The orders don’t take long to come out. It was lucky we arrived shortly before lunch time as soon after the queue was really long!

Serious business: ordering dimsum. H loves dimsum!


Whatever you do, you must order this baked pork bun.


Anyway, we also visited big galleries in Central, the White Cube (with the Chapman brothers on show) and Galerie Perrotin (and Takashi Murakami):

The Chapman brothers’ ginormous work—this is about an eighth of ONE piece on show!


Upstairs, at Galerie Perrotin is Xavier Vielhan’s mobile sculptures. I like mobiles and I like structure, and I’m a fan of his work. (That’s why I havent even thought of taking photos of Murakami’s works!)


And then finally, off to the airport for some last musts, Saboten and Duty Free!!!



I was only able to get a MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow (which I’ve been wanting to get for some time but was put off by the high price here) and a Giorgio Armani Rouge. I was intending to get an Eyes to Kill pot in shade 6 (Khaki Pulse) but it wasn’t on stock. So I was just tinkering with the products when I picked up this lipstick for some reason. I tell you, it was love at first swipe! The color is the perfect cross between pink, mauve and red (cranberry?), and the texture was just super lovely. It was thick—it clung to the lips like a matte formula would—but the finish was not too dry, not too tacky. I haven’t tried/swatched any GA lipsticks before; this was the first and I knew I had to have it. H was kinda annoyed because it was taking me so long and we still have a flight a catch! We did, and I’m here.

I’ll tell you more about my drugstore finds (and my trip to the Sasa outlet store) in the next post!


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