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On Some Topshop Makeup: Two Hits And Counting!

I got these Topshop makeup from my Singapore trip a few months back. So sorry it took so long for me to write a review, I’ve been, frankly, getting lazy to blog. It happens, as all you bloggers know.

Anyway, I love Topshop makeup, period. For a high street cosmetic add-on line, their products are well-made and thought out, of great quality, always  on-trend, come in  cute packaging and are reasonably priced. You know what I mean—some fashion stores churn out makeup for the sake of, without real vision and direction (and are most often just sourced from China). Topshop is pretty serious about beauty though, they collaborate with famous makeup artists, they make how-to videos, etc. You can check all these out on their website.

For example, this cream blush comes in a delightful texture, not too waxy and sticky, but applies somewhat powdery and stays on for quite a long while! It’s made in Italy and comes in a sturdy, cutesy compact with a sizeable mirror.


Topshop Cream Blush in Prime Time, SG$16


The color Prime Time is a deep, bright pink that’s a bit shocking on the pan. It’s pigmented yet the consistency makes it possible to blend into a subtle rosy flush. Here’s a photo you’ve seen before, where I was wearing Prime Time.


The other purchase which I love just as much is this:


Topshop Matte Lip Crayon in Suspect, SG$16


They look just about the same as your generic lip/eye crayons,but the finish, color and print on these are so nice (to me) and not cheapy-flimsy.  If I remember correctly, these crayons come in matte and glossy finishes. The choice is quite cut out for me. Suspect is the darkest of the lot, a deep, vampy, matte crimson which applies creamy then sets bone dry. Once it does, it wont move or transfer. So it’s all love. I will definitely get some more of these when I get back to Singapore where they stock Topshop makeup.


What else is on my Topshop list?

Glow Highlighter in Polish, some Lipsticks and their Waterproof Eyeliner in Earth

20F03AWHT_2_thumb20L07DHCR_normal 20E04CKHA_2_thumb


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