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Hearts/Farts: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

It’s been a while since I got myself a new blush. Between the blushes from my Victoria’s Secret palette (there are three) and my Topshop cream blush (which I have yet to review, sorry!), I find that I got myself amply covered.

Not until I saw this from Essie, where I was actually wanting to read about the NARS Doceur blush. She was comparing the two and since I haven’t tried anything from Tarte yet, I decided to get this instead (because it’s a bit cheaper, and yeah right, I’m trying to be money-savvy).

DSC_2077 (2)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, Php1250 from Stuff in Style

DSC_2079 (2)

On the pan, it looks like a rosy hue of nude devoid of any shimmer. I’m not used to not colorful blush colors, it’s actually oxymoron-ic to get a nude blush, if you know what I mean. But that’s exactly why I got it. The color isn’t any obvious off the pan either, arm swatching it might be dismaying at first.

DSC_2080 (2)

BUT. But by some kind of makeup magic, once applied, it gives off a a subtle rosy flush that deepens as you put build the color. Now I don’t know if this has the same effect across all skin tones, and if it helps, I’m not too fair. (I think I’m a Medium/NC-25/30)


I find that this type of blush works best as a contouring color. Contouring what?! I use this blush not on the apples of the cheeks as I normally do, but rather on the cheekbone and slightly below it, extending to hairline. Yes much like a contour but extending higher on to the cheeks.


Applying it as such gives me a controlled, almost sculptural effect. This way, I can get away with wearing more of the product without looking pink andย  dark all over the place. It’s subtle, softer and I guess more effective. You might say this is a non-blush blush that gives your face color without looking that [infamously] flushed.

By the way, this lasts throughout the day, maybe not all of 12 hours but I did not feel the need to reapply the whole time I was wearing it.


I heart Exposed! I’m definitely sold with this Tarte product, I see myself getting one in a brighter color some other time. I like that this is all natural etc., comes in a no-nonsense, color-based packaging, with pigment and wear that’s enhancing, flattering and long-lasting.

Have you tried these Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes? What’s your favorite/recos? Too many pretty colors, so hard to choose!


10 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

  1. I have Exposed, Blushing Bride, Flush and Natural Beauty (from Estรฉe also!), and my favorites vary every so often, so I guess it’s safe to say that I love all of them, though I use Blushing Bride the least, I think, because it has shimmer.

    I didn’t like Exposed as much as I thought I would UNTIL I used the correct brush for it to show up on my skintone. Anyway, yay, looks really good ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Wow! I looked them up in your blog, and I think I’ll go for something like Natural Beauty–from the other end of the Tarte spectrum. Thanks! What brush do you use?!

      • I dint know Hakuhodo makes brushes like that-it’s so, techy! But now I want itttt! I might go to Japan later this year, will definitely check it out. Thank you!:) (Although, I’m really a cheapskate when it comes to brushes, I have yet to buy one from MAC even :p)

      • They have three retractable ones yata, I think the H603 is softer and made from squirrel hair (mine is goat!) but I like it. I’m cheap with brushes also, haha, but theirs isn’t so bad. I really want to get eye brushes (cheaper than MAC) but they weren’t in stock at their only Osaka counter.

  2. my friend gummy just gave me this blush instead of putting it in her blog sale. she said she never uses this now that she has burberry earthy! haha. I’m looking forward to trying it. it looks pretty on you!

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