On My Ultimate(!) Brow Guide: Part One, Grooming

I AM BROW OBSESSED. Yes, I am (though it may not look it), so when a few of you asked for a brow tutorial, I’m came up with a BROW SERIES. Ha-ha, sorry, but there’s so much to talk about brows and shitz.

Be informed though, that I’ll be largely talking about MY brows, how I do MINE, what do I with MINE, etc. It is, I guess to serve as a guide to doing YOUR own brows. We have unique brows, hell, even your left and right brows are unique from each other! So take this as a guide and follow accordingly.

In the first part of this series, I’ll talk about grooming and shaping brows. Keeping the brows in its best shape and state is the first and foremost thing to having “perfect” brows. You have to maximize what you’re working with! So that said, the less you mess with your natural brow shape, the better you’re off. The more you take out from it, the more confused you’ll be and then you end up guessing what brow shape to have.










I have thick, bushy brows with long, fine hairs. Because of which, I can get away a lot of shaping options—sometimes I pluck to enhance the arch, sometimes I just leave it and just clean up the hairs on my brow bone. But I never shave/pluck too much, specially on the inner and middle parts of my brow. I also don’t stress so much about keeping them identical, you know what they say about brows..they’re sisters not twins.









The shape is probably the first hard thing you have to decide on yourself, and like I said, use your natural brows as a guide. You may try and practice outlining different sorts of shapes and see which fits you best (you might find this Pixiwoo video useful).

Out of personal preference, I like my brows thick and straight with just a hint of an arch. You can see above how I mapped the shape I want using a sharp brow pencil—very much faithful to my natural brows but sharper and more angular, I guess.  And then I get rid of anything that falls outside of the outline. I get rid of those hairs by any/combination of the following tools, below:









1. Tweezers – I use this the most, as it is the most effective tool in taking out the hair. It pulls them from the roots

2. Brow scissors – you should know that brow scissors are those with a sharp point that curves outward. That way you cut away from the skin. I don’t use this very often as I only trim overly long brow hairs, those which cant be combed and gelled into place. Of course, if you are to pick one of these, learn how to properly use it (with a spoolie).

3. Spoolie – is probably to the most valuable brow tool to have. Take away the rest and you can still make it work (at least temporarily). You need this tool to brush and blend and  shape your brows and I use it from grooming to applying brow makeup to finishing it—start to finish.

4. Eyebrow razor – I use this when I need to clean my brows (never to shape them!) in a hurry. I use this to get rid of the hairs in bigger areas like the lid, outer brow bones, above my brows, etc.

So that’s it for part one. Take a good look at your brows under a good light (daylight’s always the best) and brush it upwards and sideways. Try to get a good sense of how the hairs grow. Practice outlining shapes (and maybe filling them in to get a real picture) before even thinking of taking any hair out. And remember take one hair at a time—no matter how thick you brows are, one strand means a lot in brow speak.

Stay tuned for Part Two! If you have any questions at this point, ask away!


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