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Hearts/Farts: In2It Fine Tip Eyebrow Liner and Eyebrow Mascara

March seems like a brow extravaganza for me. Since the month started, I managed to get four brow products—the first of which I’ll be sharing with you today:


In2It Fine Tip Waterproof Eyebrow Liner in Acorn and Eyebrow Mascara in Gold , Php429.75


Initially I was drawn to the slim liner because it looks a lot like the MAC automatic brow liners. I just recently ran out of my MAC Lingering so I thought it could be a dupe. Anyway, I saw that it also came with a brow mascara so the brow freak in me had to get it too.

Fine Tip Waterproof Liner in Acorn:


This has a finer yet harder tip compared to the MAC liner which makes it great to draw fine little hair-like strokes with. But filling in an entire brow is a chore with a tip this fine, I tell you. So for shaping and filling in sparse areas, this is quite useful. I also find the texture on the hard, waxy side—repeatedly drawing in the same area results rubbery/patchy application so go easy on strokes.

Eyebrow mascara:


Okay, the eyebrow mascara in Gold is really, truly gold. It is like molten gold, and I was quite aghast because it is unapologetically metallic! But I’m such a sucker for free stuff that’s why I bought it anyway (but the set is still one hundred pesos more expensive than the liner so I don’t know why they say it’s FREE). See the liner and mascara swatches below:


As a color, I totally don’t get this mascara; but as a finish, yeah it makes sense. The shimmers in this mascara basically reflects light thereby making your brows look lighter and I guess more dimensional. I advise getting just a bit and blending most of it off to get a natural effect.

In these photos, my brows look too light, too gold. It’s probably because I took these when it was too bright outside. I filled in my brows here for the color to show well but if used sparingly, Acorn looks quite natural. If used as I did here though, I think this would look better on girls with colored/lighter hair.


The liner does last a long time, and seems to live up to the waterproof claim. I napped on it one time and when I woke up, my brows are still intact. I’ve oiled up and all so that’s impressive.


Here’s a not-too-close up photo (and how are you liking my purple eye makeup eh?), it looks a bit too light in photos, but it’s quite alright in person.


All things considered, this duo is worth a try; I heart it enough. I like that the liner is slim and so drawing “eyebrow hairs” isn’t too hard for not-too-experienced browsters. It is long-lasting and mistakes aren’t too obvious because of the hard formula although I suggest you try the available shades first before deciding on one to get a better color match. The mascara, on the other hand, is a good addition to have in my kit if only to lighten too dark/drawn on brows. These need not be used together as they can work well separately or with your existing brow products.

I have maybe two more brow product reviews on the line so I hope you don’t get bored with the subject yet! Have a happy Sunday!


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