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Hearts/Farts: Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar

Today let’s talk about illumination, the finishing kind. I rarely talk about finishing powders because I’m dashing out the door by the time I’m putting on lipstick. It’s a step that, for everyday, I feel can be skipped. So I really want to give it a try and see how much I’m missing out on. And, because I don’t seem to have a multi-hue illuminating powder, I decided on getting this one—because it’s cheap (compared to, say Guerlain’s Meteorites!), yet still European (well, Italy is close enough to France, no? hehe):


Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar, Php365 from Nyxwholesaleph


The sizeable pan (1o grams, honey) contains pressed powder pigments ranging from light beige, tan, coral, terra cotta and taupe—all slightly shimmery. I chose this shade because in my mind, I’m a medium shade (and I am, it’s just that I took the photos below in an afternoon light, so I’m pale and a touch blue).

Anyway, my first impression was how sturdy that compact [powder] is! Initially, I was too afraid to swirl my brush through it for fears of ruining the lovely embossed floral pattern. But it did not, even after much swirling and fluffing—and you have to have a good and hard go at it because the brush doesn’t pick up much product.

So after doing all my makeup, I apply this powder mainly to the tops of my cheeks, and down the center of my face. I have to do this maybe two to three times as the effect can be hardly seen, and while I do not like looking like a disco ball, I still want the glow to be there.


As for the color, well, there’s no noticeable hue whatsoever when applied. I can see a bit of golden shimmer but it doesn’t add any color or definition to the area (see cheek, below), just a soft focus gleam.


It’s a finishing powder. I might have made a mistake thinking it’s a color product and that it could help me contour and color—it doesn’t. It gives a faint, sheer, light glow to the skin which is a nice finishing touch to makeup. And it gives an overall warmth when applied heavily, and highlights well without looking oily/greasy.  Somehow, I feel more finished and put together when I’m wearing this but it’s so subtle I could be imagining things. I’m on the slash with this one just cause I doubt if I can afford to add another step to my makeup routine. Probably I can get similar results with a setting powder (my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural comes to mind) or a highlighting base. But if you’re after the little nuances in life (and in beauty) this is a pretty simple and inexpensive way to indulge and experiment.


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