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On A Tale of Two Garnier BB Creams: A Comparative Review

A while back I asked my sister if she can get me the Garnier BB Cream which was quite popular in the beauty world when it was first launched, seeing that it would take a while before this product would make it here in Manila (as is always the case, sigh). But I was able to get one when I went to Bangkok last year, and then my sister brought me one Abu Dhabi too. But the one she brought, this one, is seemingly different from the one I have!

DSC_1948 (2)

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Daily Moisturizer 5in1


Left: Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer, Right: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

The Asian BB Cream (made in China) has SPF26 and comes in a 30mL. The European BB Cream  (made in Germany) has SPF15 and comes in a 50mL. Both come in squeeze tubes


The European BB cream (left, above) comes in the Medium shade (so I reckon it comes in light and dark as well), whereas the Asian BB Cream (right, above) comes in a single shade.

To see photos of me wearing the Asian BB Cream, and the review in general, head to this post. In the following photos, I’m wearing the European BB Cream by itself, which applies thinly and lightly albeit with a visible tint at first go. When blended, it loses the color and adjusts to the skin as if nothing happened, or at least very little happened. I had to get a bit more and layer to get the level of coverage I’m used to. I never had to do this with the Asian one as it is quite pigmented but goes on  tad too white/light upon first application. The cream feels cool and light to the skin, and gets absorbed almost entirely the first time.


I guess in this sense it looks very natural and comfortable to wear, I can also see a slight glow to the skin—it works well with light (and maybe since it has a lower SPF). So, I like wearing it as compared to the Asian BB Cream because it feels less like a mask but then on the other hand it does very little to my skin’s appearance.


In my opinion, the European version actually feels and looks like a tinted moisturizer. The coverage can be improved by wearing powder on top but otherwise it looks very very natural. I find that I oil up (a bit) wearing this after a few hours but I still wear it because it’s light and comfortable. The Asian version is much similar to Korean BB Creams (which I assume have original formulation), with fine pigments/particles suspended on its cream base which gives it a thicker, more substantial feel. The European BB cream almost has no tangible particle to it. Of course it should be noted that the Asian BB cream has some “instant fairness” thing happening (whitening is quite a common sentiment here in Asia, yes) whereas the European one focuses on anti-oxidant  properties (this has a Vitamin C derivative).

I don’t know if I’m making any sense but to sum it up for you: The Asian version Garnier BB cream offers more coverage and protection, although it can feel a bit thick. The European Garnier BB cream wears comfortable but offers less visible effects. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about skin care benefits because I cannot use both at the same time and for long-term and I wouldn’t know for sure. Lastly, both unavailable locally so I don’t know what the point of this post is, but if you are in the odd and highly unlikely position of choosing between both—you’ve been informed.


4 thoughts on “On A Tale of Two Garnier BB Creams: A Comparative Review

  1. I might have to get myself an Asian BB cream. I also bought the Garnier one (in Europe), but my family lives in China so I am gonna ask them to bring me an Asian BB cream next time they visit ;).

    I also find the Garnier BB cream to be more of a glorified lightly tinted moisturizer..

    • Hi! Yep, so do try to get hold of an Asian formulation (Koreans still make the best ones, I think) just to really get a sense of what it’s all about. Goodluck! 🙂

  2. Thank you. I have the Asian version because in live in HK and was feeling a bit cheated thinking the European version was milessss better, which by this review- I guess not. So don’t feel so bad and can now give some love back to my Asian garnier bb cream. Though the ‘made in china’ bit I don’t like 😦

    • Hello there! Yeah, you’re right, not much to be missed in my opinion. I use the Asian version more than the Europen one, actually. (Although I still think the Koreans and Japanese make the best BB creams!) 🙂

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