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Hearts/Farts: Missha Perfect Concealer

With what seems to be how I start most of my reviews, I did not need another concealer. I was just dilly-dallying around the Missha counter at Landmark, excited about ‘discovering’ it there. But there’s danger in dilly-dallying… I went home with this in tow.


Missha Perfect Concealer in Natural Beige, Php399


Let me talk about the texture, first. The Perfect Concealer is wonderfully bouncy and quite mousse-y yet still pigmented and thick. And I’m saying this in comparison to MAC Studiofinish Concealer (in almost similar packaging/presentation) which is hard (and would cause me to drag on my skin too much while blending). Because it’s such, I find it a joy to apply with my fingers, it sits right on top of the skin, ever so slightly, effectively masking discolorations. Some concealers blend too much, thus still exposing the thing I wanted to hide in the first place!


Next point is the shade—the Missha counter had two colors available for this concealer variant, one light and one medium. The thing that I realized was that I should just try to get a concealer that matches my coloring rather than get a lighter one (as is customary). You know why? It ends up looking more natural and not like I tanned with my sunglasses on! And more to the point, I realized that I don’t really want for the darker areas of my face to disappear completely (lest I appear like a blank piece of paper). I think the shadows and the kinks give the face character or maybe definition, in a sense. So I wouldn’t want to mess so much with them.

But anyway, this concealer still manages to conceal quite well, as you can see in these photos, applied over a European version of the Garnier BB Cream (which is up for review, I know, I know!). I just lightly dab on my under eyes and the sides of my nose. I like doing it that way coz I get a more skin-like finish, rather than smoothing it out too much like plaster. It’s still skin anyway, not cement.


Lastly, you’ll get a decent wear and coverage out of this, specially when set with any sort of powder. I heart this, even more so than my MAC Studiofinish. I love the even, budge-proof, undetectable finish and all for cheap; I’m impressed! Although I don’t use it daily as I rarely go for very finished looks, but it’s nice to have this in my kit. It would be useful for yours too.


And hey, don’t forget to check out my BLOG SALE. I’ll be adding more items from time to time, but as it is, I’m very thankful for your favorable response!


6 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: Missha Perfect Concealer

  1. Thanks for your review Ae! I went to Landmark today and bought this after reading your review… seriously! I badly need a concealer as I just ran out of my Mally! This is awesome… I hope it won’t disappoint in the days to come… tee hee! 🙂

    • Hi April, thank you for valuing my thoughts! I hope you’d like the concealer as much as I do—and little goes a long way no? Enjoy! 🙂

      • UPDATE: I just finished/emptied my Missha Perfect Concealer 2 weeks ago, after 18 months! I even went back to this post to check the date I purchased it. Amazing! 🙂

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