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Hearts/Farts: Korres Love Your Lips Collection

Hello, I’m back from Singapore and I will fill you in on that soon enough. I still have quite a lot of backlog so I have no business for idle talk, he-he.

A while back I’ve shown you this Korres pack I got for a very special price online:

DSC_1914 (2)

Korres Love Your Lips Collection, Php410 on sale at strawberrynet

DSC_1924 (2)

In this set: Lip Butter Glaze in Jasmine, Lip Butter in Jasmine, Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry

Swatches below in the same order:

DSC_1927 (2)

These three differ both in color and texture. While all offer superb hydration, the Glaze has shimmer and is tacky like a lip gloss. The Butter is like, butter. No shimmer and the color is sheer, almost translucent. The Liquid Lipstick, is more emollient than the Glaze, runnier and thinner in consistency and is quite pigmented, almost a glossy stain.

Let me tell you now that my favorite of the three is the the Liquid Lipstick, in terms of feel and color.


I cant quite get over how watery this feels! It’s comfortable to wear, tints my lips in a dark rosy hue and gives just the right amount of sheen—as if I bit my lip a thousand times. And, I love raspberry.

Next are the butters in Jasmine. They are a lovely milky peach hue, and the texture is really amazing, as is typical of Korres products.

DSC_1919 (2)

Here I’m wearing the Glaze, a sheer, semi-tinted gloss with shimmer. This and the Butter  tastes/smells wonderful, but I cant quite describe and relate it to jasmine (the flower), it’s more pastry/candy to me. This looks great when worn on top of a nude lip liner (to help with the shape and color) as it fades off/gets absorbed in about a few hours (even without eating). It leaves the lips sticky-kind-of-hydrated, and sometimes with a shimmery, milky residue. I use it if I want some shine and moisture which it both does wonderfully, though you know I’m quite partial to sticky. The squeeze tube is mighty convenient too.


Here, on the other hand, is the Lip Butter in Jasmine which is a lot more sheer and a lot less tinted. I prefer this more than the Glaze, texture-wise, as it’s less tacky and can be spread easily (with fingers, from the tub—not so sanitary, but such are lip butters). This though tends to be a bit pale on me and applying it alone makes me look a bit anemic. That said, it’s a great lipstick topper or maybe great if you’re into a really smoky eye.

DSC_2023 (2)

And oh, a bit off topic but have you tried those donut hair buns? I got mine from H&M in Singapore (SG$3.9) and it’s so fun and easy! Hee!

All in all, this Korres pack was a steal! Granted it’s a bit redundant, I think it would make for great gifts (individually), you can take one for yourself and give away two. If only they’re still on sale, no? Anyway, I heart Korres, I very much ascribe to their ethos and the products they create. These lippies are no exception–beautifully executed, natural and effective. If you have access to Korres products, you should give them a go. I’m eyeing their powder compacts next!

DSC_2031 (2)

Have you tried Korres? What do you have and what do you think?


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