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Hearts/Farts: Artist Studio Brushes

First, let me start by saying that I’m no professional, and judging makeup brushes isn’t my strongest suit. I’m not used and trained to use brushes, and add to that, I’m such a klutz. Second, I really believe that it’s the Indian and not the pana that matters. Ha ha.

Anyway, like I told you, these brushes are a steal, the cheapest costs Php39, and the most expensive, in this set is I think Php79? They’re being sold in a department store (Landmark), along with other generic beauty tools. They come in a non-descript plastic case, no text/details so I don’t know who makes them, and where they come from exactly.

DSC_1934 (2)

Artist Studio Makeup Brushes

I just chanced upon them one day, and because they look/feel like of good quality, I decided to try some of them out. Find further descriptions/observations below, I took the photos of individual brushes with a pencil for scale reference.


1. Large Concealer brush – this is flat and broad with tight and dense bristles. I figured I can use concealer on [larger] parts of my face that need coverage and skip overall foundation. This brush could work wonderfully with that.


2. Angled Blending brush – I like the size and density of this brush, it fits right in the eye socket and is fluffy enough to apply and blur washes of color. However because it is fluffy (the fluffiest of this bunch) I suspect this is more prone to fallouts. I can see some already.


3. Fine Eyeliner brush – very pointy! I guess this is handy for detailing eye liner flicks and maybe concealing small spots. And as with fine, pointy brushes, it’s best to store them with the tube cap it comes with to avoid fraying that tip. I haven’t used this for eyeliner since I almost always use a liquid pen, but for concealing, it’s very accurate.


4. Domed Eye shadow brush (small) – this is a bit dense and hard, having shorter hairs in a round base. I like to use it to carve out the contours of the eyes as it’s just the right small size. This fell out a lot, so I actually crimped the metal ferrule to prevent any more hairs from getting loose.


5. Angled Cheek brush – is small, which I love, it makes application a bit more directional, I think. The hairs on this brush feel particularly luxe, with a lot of give (it’s not too dense). My favorite out of the bunch.


6. Domed Eye shadow brush (medium) – this is great for applying washes of color as it’s a bit big and fluffy. That said, I use it as a generic blending brush too.

Some additional notes:

– I like that the ferrule and the handle are hefty, it feels and looks professional/expensive. For me, a lot of the experience in using brushes come from how I like holding and feeling it in my hands.

– The brush hairs are the synthetic kind, much like the Real Techniques, but these are less packed and less stiff and maybe overall a lot less finer.

– I think most of the falling out comes from the fact that they are not well glued to the base. I gave some of ferrules a bit of a crimp to hold in the hairs better.

So to round up, these brushes are on the slash for me. Some are hits, some are misses. But if you’re starting out with makeup, and/or you’re on budget (as we all should be!) these are okay. You should be able to get a few months good use out of them, certainly not investment pieces, but if you ask me, 50 bucks hardly make a dent out of your “investment” budget (a single brush from say MAC costs upwards of a thousand). Of course, it helps if you take better care of them to prolong their life, until you have enough to finally buy those fancy, branded ones. 😉


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