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On What’s-In-My-Bag, That Is, If You Care To know

You know what, I’ll jump the gun and say that you do care to know. After all, I did get one request for it! Most of the time though, I don’t know what’s in my bag myself! Ha-ha.

My small handbag is from a French leather goods store—it is vintage and thrifted. I’ve had this for years and I appreciate how the rugged leather never looks worse for wear. I do have a couple of other bags, sure–some branded, some not, most, canvas (of the give-away sort)! I like them light, much to the dismay of my mother and sisters. This one, though not “designer” is made of good quality leather, small and handy.

Anyway, on any given day, these are what I have on me:


(Left to right, top to bottom row)

1. Mint – for when I’m bored and hungry

2. Measuring tape – for, you know, work. And because I cant convert millimeters to inches just like that.

3. Hair pins and extra ponytail holder – I cant keep track of the times I keep replacing, somehow I keep losing them. But a must, my hair goes haywire without a moment’s notice.

4. Coin purse – for coins and discount cards, and pins, and buttons, etc.

5. Budget pouch – for household expenses and receipts

6. Wallet – I carry a generic bi-fold MENS wallet, under my 7. Phone

8. Sunglasses – I like my Ray-bans, classic and never in-your-face-snazzy

9. House keys – never leave house without it

10. Pen – never leave house without it, and if possible, a nice one please

11. Lip Ice lip balm – or any other lip balm, I have Korres in the bag, and Carmex too, I think

12. Korres Hand cream – because I always use no.15

13. Makeup bag – is a nylon python print pouch I bought at SM Kultura, contents of which are in this post.

14. Prescription glasses – is a pair of Ray-ban Club Master. Need to wear when driving at night/watching a movie/on extended computer-smooching time

15. Alcohol Spray – because I dislike dirty-feeling hands

And yes, they all fit. My bag is expandable. Like my heart. Charot. Enjoy the weekend guys!


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