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Hearts/Farts: Eye Of Horus Natural Mascara

This product came with my November Glamourbox, and might be the best that came out of it.


Well, for one, it is full-sized. And then there’s something about an Australian brand that uses natural ingredients in the style of the ancient Egyptians to deliver cosmetic products that are affordable, non-irritating and effective. Quite intriguing, eh?


Eye of Horus Natural Mascara, came with my Glamourbox, retail value, Php 1290

The Natural Mascara is Eye of Horus’ star product, it is plant-based with natural waxes and as such, ideal for sensitive eyes. As you know, I review my mascaras in three points, as is this one.


The Brush. Mascara wands are a big deal to me, as I feel they almost always dictate how things will go down. This wand is made of short, soft plastic bristles, that bends at the base. It’s my first time to use a curvy applicator, and as such, I have a hard time applying coz the irregular shape seems to hit my lashes at the wrong points (e.g., the thick upper part hits my finer, inner most lashes). But it does a good job of separating my lashes into fine spiky ones.

DSC_1926 (2)

The Formula. This is the first “natural” mascara I’ve tried and I’m quite impressed. It doesn’t smell foul, is quite workable if a bit too liquid, and is pigmented well. Too well, in fact, it’s very black! It contains Carnauba wax, beeswax, rice bran wax, candelila wax, stearic acid, Phenoxyethenol, Triethanolamine, Polyvinylalcohol crosspolymer, iron oxide (black), water. This natural formula supposedly conditions and strengthens the lash structure while assisting lash growth. I haven’t used this long enough to know if it does that exactly, but I appreciate the wholesome approach. You can feel that it’s not synthetic, and it does come off easily. Although, I find that this do not layer very well. If I try to put more coats on, my lashes stick together in bizarre clumps.

DSC_1922 (2)

The Wear (Staying Power). This has an amazing staying power, when applied well. Although it’s smears-ville while applying (due to the wet formula), it does not budge the whole time I’m wearing it. It keeps my lashes nicely curled, separated and fade/smudge free with  a light weight feel. Very natural, yes. This also amazingly comes off with just water, I rub it in until small flakes come off. Although since I’m not a fan of vigorous rubbing, I use my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil for easier removal.

DSC_1924 (2)

All things considered, I heart this mascara. I love that it uses natural ingredients, and consequently how it wears and comes off naturally. I’m not particularly sensitive or anything, but I appreciate this fact nonetheless. I now reach out for this everyday, cause it gives me black, naturally enhanced lashes that’s easy to remove!

This is yet to be available at the Glamourbox website, but you can probably get it at the Eye of Horus website.


5 thoughts on “Hearts/Farts: Eye Of Horus Natural Mascara

  1. Stumbled upon your blog (hate how that sounds like a cliche, but I literally – I did)
    I love it! Please keep writing. Very informative! Have a question about Nars firming foundation but ill put that in the other comment box. 😃

    • Haha, hi Rosel, that’s funny. 😉 Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback! Sure, please do so, I would love to answer any question you might have.

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