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Hearts/Farts: Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers

I’ve held out on these cult tweezers when I was at Sephora in Singapore. Or maybe I ran out of budget then, so I let it go. Months later, I’m delighted to find out that Beauty Bar stocks them, and about 50 bucks cheaper too!

I don’t now about you, but I don’t like having any other person touch my brows. I’m control-freaky like that, and besides, I like the challenge of shaping them myself. I use shavers for quick jobs but ultimately, tweezers are my weapon of choice:


Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers in Green Tea, Php650 at Beauty Bar

The perfect pocket tweezer. Ideal for makeup bag and travel with perfectly aligned hand finished tips. Stainless steel with color finish.


This is really tiny! It measures a little over two inches in length yet is still very ergonomic, easy to hold and pluck with. Best of all, it is really hefty, so even gentle pressure gives a solid grip. Sometimes this is where the major difference lies between the cheap and expensive tools/tweezers—the material. This is good quality stainless steel. Having enough experience with structural design and materials, I have to tell you that not all metal is steel, and not all steel are the same (AND, stainless is a type of steel, not a finish). Ergo, not all metal tweezers are created equal. These Tweezermans are of the good variety, I have to say. The cool green color is a bonus (I saw one in hot pink as well).


The tips are slanted and sharp, giving you a precise pluck. Good steel means it will stay this way longer than ordinary metal ones that probably buck and bend when squeezed too much. I use this tip to weed out errant from non-errant hairs. As you know, with brows, every single hair counts.

I also appreciate that it comes in a slim plastic tube which you should use as its case mainly to keep your tweezers scot-and-nick-free. I also suggest storing it butt end first to avoid damaging the tips. Dented, damaged tips would be the death of your tweezers.

Evidently, I heart this tool! As to why you would shell out 650 pesos for a tyane, I can only justify by thinking that I wont have to buy another one for a long, long time (cost-per-pluck). Personally, I like getting quality beauty tools because I don’t like buying them all the time, every time. But if you still cant, this could be a mighty fine gift (#Christmas) to ask for/to get for someone/get for yourself.


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