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On Pale Pink Lips: NYX Hippie Chic Lipstick and Liner

I wanted to show you this NYX Matte Lipstick I got a while back. I don’t know what has gotten to me, but as soon as everybody started wearing plum lips, I felt the urge to go quite the opposite. Waaay opposite. Can you see how light this lipstick is??


NYX Matte Lipstick in Hippie Chic, Php 290 at Digital Traincase

And because it’s hard to get away with lipstick this light, I had to get an equally light  lip liner as well:


NYX Lip Pencil in Pale Pink, Php 140 at Digital Traincase

Without further ado, here’s how it looks on my lips. It is frighteningly Nicki Minaj-pale-and-pink, but I quite like it. In fact it’s wearable; just don’t scrimp on the blush. That and one other thing, proper application!


And the trick is this: after applying a coat or two of lipstick, line the lips with liner. And then, you have to run your finger along your lips lightly to blend the liner in and smooth out any patchy bits. This way you meld the lip color to your skin so that it wont jump out as much.


Now, H totally disapproves of this look/lipstick but I don’t listen to him (in matters of beauty, at least). In fact, I even wore it to our anniversary dinner, below. Sorry about the quality of these Instagram (find me: (at)mrspastrana) photos, but you get the drift. It actually looks super with darkly defined eyes!

photo (53)

photo (52)

What do you think, would you give pale pink lips a try? If you have, what lipstick are you go-tos?


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