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On A Weekend Getaway: Sonya’s Garden

If you’re not from here (here being, the Philippines), you probably have no idea where Tagaytay is, or what Tagaytay is, even. In not so many words, it is a town a few hours away from Manila (the capital) that sits on a ridge by a lake with a submerged volcano. Because of the view, the clime, and maybe the idea, city folks frequent it for a day trip (to sit down and eat mainly). My family and I are such city folks, and over the weekend, we went to a charming bed-and-breakfast on the border of Tagaytay called Sonya’s Garden, after the owner’s name. This wasn’t our first time here, but all the same, we appreciate the rustic setting and the simple, healthy spread.



The trails that run along the lush garden lead to many nooks and crannies..


Say, a cozy daybed?


A souvenir shop?


They even have a panaderia (bread shop)!


But we were headed to the Conservatory, a dining hall-cum-greenhouse, for a long and leisurely lunch.


Tables on one side:


Plants on the other side:


I particularly like the traditional-looking comfort rooms:


Sonya’s serve a fixed ala-carte set menu consisting of a bread basket with sumptuous and many (!) dips and spreads, a DIY salad with a “super secret” dressing, a DIY pasta with cream and tomato sauces with accompaniments such as stewed vegetables, mushrooms, olives, capers, fish fillet, etc. They serve a pitcher of refreshing fresh dalandan juice. Everything is refillable. The food is fresh, wholesome and simple.

Sorry about this messy-looking photo, I took it after everyone’s finished eating.


At the end of the meal, they serve tarragon tea with cake, fried sweet potato (camote) and banana spring rolls (turon). Nothing fancy, just traditional panghimagas (dessert in Filipino).

PS. That chocolate cake is simple but deadly yummy.


I’m usually the last to leave the table. I’m such a slow/distracted eater.


And yes, family meant including this little attention-getter who was only too happy to go up and down the trails, sniffing every plant and flower and stone that gets in his way.


Good thing he had a very able and equally cute walker. :p


Sonya’s is also a bed-and-breakfast, to know more you can check their site here. The set menu we had was Php600+per head,but there are other options available.

Enjoy the long weekend guys!


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