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On Beauty Blah Blahs: Safe, Moisturized and Green!

Oh hello, nothing in particular in this post, just some beauty-related chika. First up, I’m obsessed about green nails, and this nail shade I chose at a recent trip to the nail salon (Manos, if you should ask):


It’s from Essie, and it’s called Bobbing for Baubles. It might not be too obvious but it’s a gor-jes shade of deep jade green. I love love love it, I think I might get myself a bottle. On my toe nails are a celadon green polish from Zoya. I tend to go for darker hand nail colors and lighter toe nails, just because. And if it’s too natural and light on the hands..why bother? But that’s just me.

On a recent Mercury Drug trip, I picked up this Maybelline lip balm  at the counter:


Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm in Pink Lolita, about Php90

It’s actually nicely pigmented and the texture’s the right sort of balmy. What I actually like was that it has SPF16, so I’ve been reaching out for this constantly although the smell/taste borders on undesirable. But I like using this lip balm because it’s cute and nostalgic, like a blast-from-highschool-past.


And the other thing I picked up at the drugstore was this aluminum-free deodorant. I know it’s not a very desirable topic to bring up, but it is what it is, we live in a modern and uh, polite society. There are some unconfirmed reports linking prolonged aluminum-based (or any of its variants) deodorant use to breast cancer, and as I get older I’m beginning to take these things seriously—taking care of myself, what I eat and expose my body to.


In rotation is my Human Nature deodorant which has the “Why Risk Cancer” sticker. To which I say, EXACTLY.


That’s all guys, take care. I hope you had a lovely weekend, I did and I’ll tell you all about it next time. Ta-ta!


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