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Hearts/Farts: Art Deco Eye Brow Filler

Happy Monday! To start the week, let me review something from a brand I’ve just met.

I know the Germans are very good and efficient with a lot of things , but I didn’t know they do cosmetics just as well!! This is my first Art Deco makeup, and let me say now that I’m impressed and looking forward to trying their other stuff too (specially, their Dita Von Teese collab).


Art Deco Eye Brow Filler in Shade 3, Php650 at Beauty Bar

Eye Brow Filler is a naturally tinted gel for thick, perfectly formed eyebrows. The fibers contained in the quality texture fill thin parts of the eyebrows. Contains revitalizing ginseng extract and nourishing argan oil.


This contains 10grams of product, which should last you a very very long time. It comes in a standard mascara-type tube with a rather fibrous wand. I’ll discuss the points of my review below:

Formula. The thick, goopy gel contains nylon fibers and some copolymers which explains the little fibers sticking out of the wand. It is a tricky formula, and the brush isn’t exactly very separating so I would wipe it off a good number of times to get rid of most of it on the wand. The sticky formula gets to the brows like glue, but you’d have time to move it about before it sets. I particularly like the hold it gives to the brow hairs when it dries. Probably the best I’ve come across. The fibers also do fill the sparse areas in my brows although you really have to control where it goes—a good brush over with a spoolie should help.

And oh, this contains a lot of good stuff (sunflower and argan oils, ginseng root extract) although I don’t know exactly what good it does to eyebrows, I’m just glad it’s there. Here’s the product worn on its own, I use it to coax my long-ish eyebrow hair upwards:

DSC_1872 (2)

Color. The only shade available at Beauty Bar Rockwell is Shade 3. I like it, it’s a dark taupey brown without reddish tones. The tint is quite obvious, you can use it on its own for a more natural look.

DSC_1871 (2)

Wear. This product holds and sets your brows very well. Again, probably the best I’ve used. It makes your brow hairs a bit stiff and sticky so it stays in place for many hours. I actually find it easier to apply this first to ‘arrange’ the brows in place before applying additional products. Sometimes, I don’t have to! This also helps when I need to see stray/wayward hairs that needs to be plucked. Super helpful!

In the succeeding photos, I applied Avon’s Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown on top of the Art Deco Eyebrow Filler to further define the shape.

DSC_1892 (2)

Next question: Can you use it as mascara? I tried, and you probably can, but it makes very little difference to bother with.

DSC_1890 (2)

Hearts/Farts? Hearts! This is my staple brow product now, simply because it does a good job of holding my brows down in place and in shape, since often times, that is all I need. It also works well with other products in ‘perfecting’ my brows but on its own, it proves to be very useful. And at Php650, for 10 grams, this is a great deal! The only thing that’s a bit of a hassle is getting rid of the gunk that gets out of the tube when you pull the brush out. And if you’re not too lazy to do that, you should definitely check this out!


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