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Hearts/Farts: NARS Blush In Desire

I have previously shown you the NARS Love Rite set and with it a review of the NARS Blush Duo, or at least half of it.


NARS Blush Duo in Amour/Desire, part of the NARS Love Rite Set


To complete the review, here’s Desire, the other half:


Desire is a bright, fuchsia pink blush that is bordering neon, but surprisingly flatters my Asian skin tone. There’s no denying, it is a pretty powerful color and not for the very timid. But in very small doses, it gives the sweetest flush, a romantic, blushing pink that I find very youthful! (read: nakaka-bagets!)

DSC_1880 (2)

Like I said in the Amour review, this blush has a potent formula, so be very very light handed with your application. Tap the brush to get rid of the excess and be sure to apply on a powdered face (like-for-like rule) to avoid splotches of color. I applied Desire on the very apples of the cheeks, blending slightly upwards.

DSC_1870 (2)

I think this, being a matte blush, goes well with a dewy complexion—here, I used an illuminating skin base from Sephora (Base Sublimatice Primer) before my foundation (the equally glowy Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation) then set with powder. This prep-work takes down the intensity of the blush a notch while adding the illusion of a natural flush on bare skin. The color stays put the whole day, minimal to no retouching needed.

DSC_1869 (2)

So, sorry to be predictable, but I heart Desire, too! It has the same finish, pigmentation and wear as Amour and frankly, either would be lovely to have. It’s a win-win! Although, I find that Amour can be a bit more versatile color-wise, as it can color and [mildly] contour the cheeks for everyday wear. Desire, on the other hand is such a fresh and pretty accent color—for when you need a bit of an unexpected, pleasant change (“there’s something different about you” glow), or when you’d rather wear not much else on a weekend or an out-of-town trip.

What do you think and which would you go for,  Amour or Desire?


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