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On The NARS Love Rite Set and A NARS Blush Review

I’ve been telling you about this NARS set for weeks, and finally here it is. There’s a bit of a backstory how I came into having this set, as I wasn’t remotely planning to get it/all these. I was just toying with the idea of getting a proper blush for myself and then this happened. Anyway, I ended up spending what I was just about to earn at this wedding makeup job. Oh life, you win some, you lose some—you earn some, you spend some.


NARS Love Rite Illuminator Cheek and Lip Set, Php3250

Signature shades of pink and peach, essential for achieving the bright, colorful look of the season. Turkish Delight and Greek Holiday Lip Glosses deliver a sheer and sparkling effect for lips – perfect for pairing with limited edition Mini Amour/Desire Blush Duo and the incandescent Orgasm Illuminator.


The NARS Blush Duo (5 grams total) that is part of this set comes with two colors: Desire and Amour. I have to say that I ultimately decided on getting this set (aside from the fact it came with a free full-sized foundation, reviewed here) because after an hour at the NARS counter, I still cant decide which to get (Desire or Amour) only to find out that they are also being sold as a duo! So I got both what I wanted plus, eh, a whole lot more!


Today I’ll be reviewing half of the duo, the shade Amour, a warm matte coral. This shade is almost like the cult classic Orgasm, without the visible golden specks (which I cant really do, sorry).


Uh, it was a challenge picking up the the product from an itty-bitty half-of-a-rectangle, so I usually use my itty-bitty Real Techniques contour brush to apply. This blush is super packed and pigmented, you’ll barely need to dent the surface to get a good flush going:


I like the deep, warm color which is almost like a contour except it’s livelier and healthier! But really, NARS makes the loveliest blush colors you’ll have a serious problem deciding which to get. I guess what makes NARS blushes special, colors aside, is that it doesn’t just sit on the skin—it melts into it. And having said that, lasts long without significant fading.


So, I heart Amour! Since you cant buy the blush duo separately, you might have to wait my review of Desire to if you are caught in a bind like I was. But as a simple guide, Amour should be lovely on medium to dark skin tones, Desire on light. I’m a fence-sitter skin-tone wise so I can wear both. Good thing this doesn’t require much reapplying so I don’t have to bring the icky dust-magnet compact which is pretty much the only thing I dislike about this product.

Keep checking for the rest of what’s in the box, but if you’ve got a question that needs answering right away, please, comment, comment!


3 thoughts on “On The NARS Love Rite Set and A NARS Blush Review

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    • Hey Aiko, I’ve yet to review everything (sheeesh) but I’ve reviewed both blushes already. 🙂 Ack, I cant stand looking at a moving me so I cant do videos just yet. I’ll try to do a post on contouring, though. Thank you! 🙂

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