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Hearts/Farts: NARS Firming Foundation

Hey guys. This review made it earlier than others because I’m thrilled to share this with you first. Yeah, I’m biased like that. But I’m sorry to be talking about something that appears to have been discontinued. It still is worth a review, I think.

I briefly talked about this full-size foundation (30ml) which came free with the NARS box set I bought. Well, to be honest, I got that set partly because of this freebie, I thought it was a good deal!


NARS Firming Foundation in Santa Fe, free with NARS box set purchase

“…high-technology foundation infused with the exclusive polypeptide firming complex and antioxidants, a combination of varying chain length peptides, brown algae, organic gotu kola, to help strengthen skin and reduce the look of skin creases associated with aging, vitamin C and vitamin E… skin feels significantly firmer and visibly lifted after 8 weeks..”

This NARS foundation comes in their signature black, matte packaging with a pump dispenser. I know other NARS foundation types don’t come with a pump, which is sold separately. So it’s nice not to have to pay for that too!


I was matched to Medium2 Santa Fe, and I can say that while it looks a wee bit light on me (I shouldn’t have listened to the SA!), it sets to a more manageable tone when blended out.


The directions for use on the insert says you have to warm up the foundation before applying it with your fingers. Which is cool coz that’s exactly how I like to apply my foundation-I feel it’s the best way to spread it and sheer it out!


But this foundation is anything but sheer, it gives a serious medium to full coverage and effectively eliminates and evens out the redness, patchiness whathaveyous in the skin. You have to really give it a good rub-in as it goes on almost opaque and thick, but I find that I almost don’t need to apply concealer with this. Here is the product applied as directed, by itself:


It’s incredible how this foundation sets to almost dry and tightens as it does. I guess that’s the firming bit of it. I like how I almost don’t need to powder it to set as well, even though I did in the next photos below, using a Revlon Translucent Pressed Powder and the NARS Duo blush which I will be reviewing consequently.


Even without setting it with powder, the dry texture lasts for quite a while, about 8 hours. It is fragrance-free and does a fine job with keeping the oilies at bay. You can put it on and forget about it, really! That’s how budge-proof it is, it almost feels like a facial mask. But one you can proudly wear outdoors.

That’s as far as I can tell you about—I wouldn’t know if it can, in fact, reduce skin creases, or lift skin after 8 weeks. Besides I would not rely on makeup to do that for me, proper skin care is still ze shitz.


Needless to say, I heart this foundation! I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of [this] NARS foundation (and I’ve heard they do other equally fab varieties as well, like Sheer Glow). This has been my go-to foundation for nights (no SPF) since it’s just so easy to wear, feels and looks fantastic to boot. Though this may not be for everyone—it is somewhat dry and thick, so if you have dry skin you may not appreciate the texture. I also need to contour and apply blush to add dimension to the face, and a bit of creamy highlighter to counteract the flat finish. While this may not be the perfect everyday-wear foundation, I think it does make a good full-on, game-face makeup choice.


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