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On Other Matters: Meet Mocito

Hey guys, am giving you a much needed break from makeup and beauty. I’m getting sick (sick, I am really–the colds) of seeing my face around here!

Some months ago, I received this little bundle of mischief for my birthday. Now, at five months, Mochi (short for Mocito) has been a constant and loyal companion to us at home. He follows me everywhere I go, stays by my feet even when I’m only washing the dishes!


That or he’s asleep.


But beneath this cute and languid exterior is a rabid paper-snatcher! I don’t know for some reason, he likes paper (or tissue) and loves tearing it to bits. He’s often in the middle of a self-made confetti!

Oh, the joys (and pains) of having a dog! Have a lovely weekend!


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