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Lipstick Lineup: Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

A friend turned me on this lipstick while in line for our coffee fix, no less. I actually swatched hers on while chatting up the barista! Anyway, she knows my penchant for bright, matte, lipsticks and urged me to give it a go. Days later, I read a review from Phoebe of The Makeup and the Artist, and saw her Ever Bilena matte lipstick collection. For some reason, I zeroed in on the lightest shades of the bunch. I dunno, maybe I’m quite done with brights for now. But, upon hitting the grocery, was caught in a bind—I cant decide which suits me better, so I got both:


Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Skin (L) and Mauvey (R), Php155 each

Ever Bilena is a local cosmetics brand which has been around forever, I mean , since I was young. You can get it almost everywhere, I got mine at the grocery, but even 711 stocks them! I’ve no problem trying brands from everywhere, specially if they promise to be a good alternative for an idea that I already love.

The lipsticks come in a light, black, plastic tube. The ferrule is made of a cheaper type of plastic, which was a turnoff—it takes a lot from that twisting-a-lipstick-experience. Anyway, it contains 4 grams of unscented (yay!) product and if you wish, you can always take it out of the tube and use a lip brush. But I won’t, I can live with it. 🙂

The lipsticks apply smooth and creamy, though feeling a bit like hard wax, and wears really comfortable; not drying at all!

Both shades turn out nude on me, Skin with a fleshy tone, Mauvey with a cool pink tone. They’re not as opaque so you have to really work in a couple of layers for the color to turn out. Both can drain color out from your face so be sure to amp up the cheeks or eyes, unlike what I did, below:

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Skin:


Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey:


The formula on these is a bit trying, and I understand that with matte lipsticks, the lighter hues at least are tricky to wear because it tends to come off as chalky. My advice is try to moisturize and (if you’ve time) exfoliate your lips before swiping these on. If you prefer the lighter shades, neutralize your lips first with foundation or concealer to get the maximum effect. To avoid all that trouble, may I recommend other shades, they have some nice warm pinks and interesting brights.


7 thoughts on “Lipstick Lineup: Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

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  2. i bought both nude shades too! ang wala pa yung pink shades. Rightnow, im aiming for the pink shades, but i mostly like wearing nude lips all the time 🙂 do you have pink lipsticks from EB brand na?the matte one’s?
    i like how you applied the nude lipsticks on your lips. di sya mukhang flakey.

    • Hi Vanessa! Not yet, these two are the only EB Matte lipsticks that I have and I may not be purchasing the pink ones anymore. 😦 I realized I have too many matte pink lipsticks na, hehe, mostly from NYX. Usually when I wear matte lipsticks, I lightly run my finger over it to smooth and set it. 🙂

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