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On In2It’s Eye Color Palette: Sorbet Me Not

I actually forgot to include this in the haul post, but this is another item I bought at Boots in Bangkok. I told you I didn’t get a lot, since staying in a foreign country for an extended period racks up expenses that override less pressing concerns (ahem, shopping). There’s food and fares to worry about. That, and I splurged on two items which pretty much drained my Bangkok piggy bank.


I realized I have not brought an eyeshadow palette with me when I left. Though I’m not a palette kind of gal (more of a pencil/liner, if you might ask), I thought I should try to put in some more effort. And okay, this In2It palette is too cheap to resist:


In2It Eye Colour Palette in ESC 03 Sorbet Deluxe, 199 Baht (about Php268)

In2It is a Japanese-licensed brand but their products are mostly made in Thailand, which probably explains why it’s so cheap there.


This palette comes in the exact same packaging as my blush brush and mirror compact with 5 subtly harmonizing colors, all shimmery and sweet. It doesn’t come with a sponge applicator, and the mirror is sizeable enough.


The texture on these are smooth and blendable but not very pigmented. It just comes out as a hazy halo of shimmer with hints of color.


There isn’t much to see, really, that’s how subtle the pigments are. Actually when blended, they retain  more of the silver sparkles than the color. That or I’m too light-handed with my eye shadow application. Anyway, for daytime, I prefer my eye makeup like this, I hate to look too done-up, contoured and sparkly in daylight.


Here’s another look I did, this time playing up the pink tones of the palette. Again, subtle. I don’t know, maybe the makeup itself doesn’t get picked up by the camera too well. But I guess you can always add more if you want more.


Worn with NYX Matte Lipstick in Angel.


An Artechoke Hearts/Farts: On the slash. Frankly, I can do without it. Because, and this is entirely personal, I’m not an everyday-eyeshadow-kind-of-girl. I don’t regret getting this because I know I might fancy a shimmery, pastel look every now and then. Or it might be nice to just dab in a hint of shimmer on the lids to give a pop to lined eyes. I think this should do nicely for school girls and office gals on a budget since it’s practical, subtle and sweet—it’s okay for daily use, you can apply it mindlessly. In other words, it’s makeup that doesn’t try too hard. That’s always a good thing, yes?


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