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On A Friend’s Wedding, And My First Bridal Makeup Gig

Over the weekend, I attended and worked on a friend’s wedding. I have so much to tell you, but for starters, let’s talk about the wedding and the bride!

I have known Kat F through my close friend Kat G since college. They were classmates and buddies and us three would sometimes hangout during those days, either in Manila where they were or in UP (Diliman) where I was.

Anyway, fast forward to present time—the two Kats (who also happen to be readers of this blog!) asked me if I would like to do the bridal makeup for Kat F’s wedding; this was some months back and of course  I said yes! My fondness for both of them far outweighs my uncertainty/self-doubt. I’ve never done makeup in a professional capacity, much less for a wedding! Anyway, I’ll do a separate post on that and makeup that I did for Kat F—trial, actual, and other details. It has been an exciting process for me and I can tell for the bride, even more so! Here she is moments before her walk down the aisle:

DSC_1952 (2)

The wedding was held at Glass Gardens in Pasig. Which is pretty clever I think, it has the feel of the outdoors, indoors!

DSC_1974 (2)


Kat and Ian have been together for four years, and you can tell how comfortable and fun their relationship is. I’m wishing that they’ll stay that way well into their marriage!


I was on table 7 with my friend and bridesmaid Kat G. The reception had been fun–games and laughter and all that. I surprisingly had the energy even though I’ve been up since 4:30am!


Oh, also did Kat G’s makeup; I just lined her eyes with gel eyeliner and contoured her eyes with neutral shadows. Trivia: She has two rows of lashes! Yah, like Elizabeth Taylor! I’ve known her since highschool and I’ve never known that til that day. Here, she’s wearing her own MAC Pink Noveau lipstick.


My makeup was just as fuss-free, I had only a few moments to prepare after doing the bride’s makeup. I think I’ll do a separate QMP for that, as I’m using a couple of new NARS items I want to tell you about! But the NARS foundation is fantastic, ha!


Outfit? I just pulled on a jersey dress from Kashieca and flat shoes from The Ramp—in full anticipation of the work involved, I wanted to be comfy than anything. I just put on earrings and a bracelet for the ceremony. The theme was royal blue, so I thought I’d carry a blue purse as an accent, too.


Whew, congratulations and best wishes to Kat and Ian! I’m truly honored and happy to be a part of their special day. 🙂


Stay tuned for more on this series! My and Kat F’s makeup!


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