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On Hotels and Hauls, Uptown and Downtown

Let me tell you about where we’re staying here in Bangkok. We are billeted in a serviced apartment that isn’t too fancy or prime, but it’s fairly new and clean. I don’t really think myself a tourist tourist, so our place is just perfect.

This is the sort-of entry-way/outdoor lobby. We sometimes sit out there while snacking on fruits and iced coffee, browsing through Thai magazines we can’t read.


It is owned by an old lady who lives in one of the ground floor units, and is manned by nice, mother-ish Thai ladies.


A few steps out is a nail salon adjacent to the hotel’s entrance but it seems closed down..too bad, I was kind of excited by the thought of having a nail place so close by!


This is our street, Pracharad Bamphen Soi 11. Mostly gated residential houses, but once you get out the main road, food stalls abound. More on those later.


So, anyway, during these past few days, I’ve been to a couple of malls (there’s probably one in every train stop here!). Recently, I  picked up a few items at Watsons. They’re currently on sale, 10-20% off, and they carry the usual drugstore makeup brands as in Manila, plus more: they have Japanese brands Canmake, Cezanne, an extensive Kate line.  They also carry some European skin-care brands like Eucerin, La Roche Posay, etc. Boots, is an entirely story altogether. Agh!


Stuff Schmuff: Garnier Mineral Light Extra Deodorant (if you have to know, I forgot to pack mine), Watsons Bobbled Pintail Comb, In2It Blush Brush and Mirror Compact, Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede (hey, still being sold in Bangkok, y’all!!)

On a separate occasion, I bought this for my sister at the Emporium Beauty Hall in Phrom Pong:


RMK Smoothing Polished Base (1,590 baht)

With which came these samples from the SA:


I’ll post a quick preview of the Revlon lipstick real soon. I’ll ask my sister if I can review the RMK Smoothing Polished Base, too. And of course, the samples which may (or may not) convince me to buy their full-sized samples. But I’m holding off until I visit the Suqqu store in Chit Lom—as much I ‘d like to, I can’t afford to spend that much so I have to be [consumer] smart.

Lots of trips and food exploits get in the way of blogging, and I’m hopelessly lugging behind. More soon!


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