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On Garnier BB Cream: A Light And Easy Choice

Hi there, I know I’ve been going on and on about Bangkok and food so let’s get back to business—makeup, that is. For my first Bangkok product review, I will be featuring what seems to be the beauty world’s buzz word: BB creams. Every makeup brand has some sort of BB cream now, from high-end Dior to MAC to well, drugstore Garnier!

I have been wanting to get a hold of this product, I’ve almost bought it in Singapore but held out for some reason. Good thing I did because it’s a lot cheaper here in Bangkok! (It was about Php500 there!)

Anyway, I was in need of a lighter face product (in terms of consistency) because I find the Face Shop HD Perfect BB Cream too rich for a relaxed me in a relaxed Bangkok. Meaning, I’m in a sort-of vacation here so I’m not too inclined doing super-makeup. Hence, this purchase:


Garnier BB Cream Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer, 209 Baht (about Php280)

Let’s get to the deets first, 20ml in a plastic squeeze-tube, comes with SPF26 (Anti-UVB/UVA), made in China (is that probably why it’s cheaper?). Other claims, find below:

DSC_1839 (2)

Well, it’s a whole lot of promises and one cant help but be dubious when served with ten (10!), you know?

The product spreads easily; I like how in its box it says:

“Dot a small amount of BB Cream on forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Gently blend outwards.”

because that’s exactly how I apply my BB creams. Very candid and straightforward! Here are swatches of the product right out of the tube and blended:




Blended further:


If it looks like I’m scowling, sorry. It was just really bright where I’m taking these photos, out by the balcony! Here’s the BB cream shortly after application, over a thin layer of sunscreen:

A bit too light.


And here, after it has set a few minutes after:

Sets to a more natural tone.


Getting back to those 10 things: it does give off a radiant, glow-y effect that masks some redness/lines/imperfections to a certain degree, but it does not offer a whole lot of coverage, which I like in a way as I was going for a lighter look and feel.  Currently, for some reason, my skin has gone crazy-dry and red on me here in Bangkok—I suspect it’s the water—and this Garnier BB Cream does little to improve that. Also, I wouldn’t know if it will make skin fairer/better with continued use, although honestly, you shouldn’t rely on products to do that for you. Prevention and consistency is the key. At any rate, this helps me moisturize  and improve  the appearance of my skin a bit without making me oily more than I tend to be.

An Artechoke Hearts/Farts: On the slash. I’m not in love with it, but it’s enough for my intended use. It’s easy to put on, has reasonable SPF, I don’t have to worry/fuss about it too much, doesn’t break me out, and is cheap. I also like that it’s unscented, so you can forget about it after application. I find that this works better when set with powder, as you will probably see in later posts. Overall, an okay product to use for ordinary days.


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