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Still On Birthdays: Gift and A Japanese Dinner In Bangkok

I actually travelled to Bangkok the day of my birthday, so we didn’t get the chance to celebrate. Anyway, as you know, we already did. The next day, H and I were able to go around the city center, Siam. And, he got me a gift!

Cheesy birthday present pose:


I have been wanting these for soooo long, I’m really very thrilled!


Retrosuperfuture AW11/12 Lucia Shades in Brown Stone


Later that day, we had dinner with our Filipino and Thai friends at a Japanese restaurant at the Emporium food court. The Japanese has a very strong presence here in Bangkok, quite a number of them relocated to Thailand during the second world war.

Anyway, the food, the beer..


..and the specialty:

Squid Ink Yakisoba


Here’s our friend, curator and  foodie, ahjan (professor) enjoying his bowl:


And me, enjoying mine. Yikes!


Disclaimer: I do not advocate drinking, much so if you’re not supposed to!


Yeah, that day has been great. Food+Friends=Fun, always. 🙂

Laters, skaters!


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