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On Things That Make Birthdays A Little Less Sucky,and HBD to me too!

Hello, it’s my birthday (or was) and I’m blogging from Bangkok! More on that next time.

Over the weekend, my boss threw me and H a sort of party—me for my birthday, and us for a send-off. To serve as a birthday post, let me count the reasons why I’m inclined to think birthdays don’t suck so much, as I always fear they would be [every year]:

– Well, for starters a boss that would throw you a party—like this. Complete with a DJ booth and wall projections, haha.


– Enjoying and sharing good food at the table. We had Hainanese chicken, steak, and chicken inasal. Everything was just yum.


-Being surrounded with a bevy of cool, brilliant individuals I admire and have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing—artists, designers, photographers—friends!


-Being with darling friends who I’ve known and grown with the past decade of my life (and still be able to make these faces on camera):


– Having friends who would turn up, 24-hour work day be damned (why, still looking fresh, of course!):


– A husband who loves me and can tolerate my idiosyncrasies:


– Ah, surprise birthday presents such as this little scene-stealer…


…and the happiness one such brings!


Overall, celebrating birthdays? It’s having a collective reason to take time off of our individual lives and agree to spend it together and rediscover things that make life worth living in the first place! Life’s funny that way, sometimes we lose track of the really important things because we are too busy trying to make a living. What does that even mean?!


So, thank you. To everyone who came to celebrate life with me. Having my family with me would make things even more perfect..next year, maybe. Until then, live a happy life!


7 thoughts on “On Things That Make Birthdays A Little Less Sucky,and HBD to me too!

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