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On MAC Impassioned, Amplified and Trendy-fied

Oh, hello, I had this lipstick p/review (I say p/review since it’s more of a view than a review) on the back-burner waiting to be published, but then I had to fly out and all that. And then I have to settle back in—I tell you, I’m such a bad traveller, takes me days to get back to regular programming!

Anyhow. Now that neon is back on the radar (beauty-wise, that is), I feel it’s fitting to have a nod at it. And what better way than with lipstick–it’s really the fastest way to incorporate a trend to your look!


Photo: Elle Indonesia

DSC_0246 (2)

MAC Amplified Cream Lipstick in Impassioned (sold locally for Php1000)

Okay, so Impassioned is an almost neon, warm pink in MAC’s Amplified formula. Two things: pink, and amplified.

Just how pink is this lipstick? Well to compare with my recently reviewed pink lipsticks, this sits in the hazy middle—it’s more blue-based than coral, but fluorescent, kind of like Crayola’s Radical Red. It is surprisingly warm when worn, on the tube it looks crazy bright and a tad unwearable. But as you can see, it went on alright:

DSC_0236 (2)

About the formula. The lipstick goes on thick in one swipe, it’s not very shy. I used about two coats below, and you can see how saturated that color is. It goes on slick, and sets to a satiny finish.

DSC_0241 (2)

Sometimes though, since it’s so pigmented, the lipstick tends to goop up into flakes, specially when reapplying or layering. But it stays put for a long while and leaves a friendly stain. Actually, I find that I rather use this as that—apply, blot, voila!


My own dose of trendy. So yes, this makes it to the purse. What about you, which lipsticks do you carry with you?


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