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On Beauty Finds: Drugstores and Grocery

Over the past weeks, I’ve been picking things up here and there, beauty supplies I need to restock on and then some that caught my eye.

First is this Neutrogena sunblock with SPF 110. That’s 110! The highest factor I’ve seen being sold on the shelves. I just finished my other Neutrogena Dry Touch (with SPF50) and the Aveeno (SPF85) that I’m currently using is kind of hard to spread and apply. Well, I realized that the higher the SPF, the harder the consistency. This is no different, but well, 110 is 110.


Neutrogena Age Shield face sunblock lotion with SPF 110, Php750 at Pure Beauty, Serendra

I snapped this photo as a quick illustration of my point here. You can never have enough sun protection, with that gaping hole in our ozone and what not!


And then some other relatively cheap stuff:


Blistex Lip Tone with SPF 15, Php 99.50 at PCX

I’ve turned into this lately because a friend’s daughter mentioned it over dinner one time. I’ve used this a lot when I was in high school so I kinda got nostalgic and got one, for old time’s sake. I find the texture too thick and waxy for me, the hue a bit too subtle but it has SPF15, so I slip this in my pocket and pop it out and reapply every so often. Very youngster.


Maybelline Crayonbrow Liner, Php129.50 at PCX

I’m loving this Maybelline brow pencil on me lately, it’s kind of ashy so it takes down the brassy hue of my hair a notch—I find the  Majolica Majorca Brow Customize Pencil’s a bit too dark on me now. It doesn’t say what shade it is, but there are only two, I think, and the other one’s gray.

Alright, here’s me wearing both the Maybelline Crayonbrow and Blistex Lip Tone:


Next are lunch time buys, since I would drop by Watson‘s whenever we take lunch out at a nearby mall. I had to get my third (third!) tube of Lip Ice since the Lip Tone wasn’t cutting it for me. I bought the fragrance-free variety this time, for a change.

I also picked up this bottle of cleansing water which I hope would dupe Koh Gen Do’s. Hmm, it does feel very light/refreshing and takes out makeup pretty well, but it makes my eyes sting! (Only after reading that you’re supposed to avoid contact with the eyes—sheesh!)

DSC_0251 (2)

Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Water (190ml), Php 119; Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Balm, Php125, both at Watson’s

These two bottles were snuck in the grocery basket. Because..well, I need a natural bug spray-an essential for me (the chemicals on the OFF! Spray are starting to bug me off). The sunflower oil, I thought, would be a great generic beauty oil to have—it’s cheap and fragrance-free.

DSC_0254 (2)

Human Nature Citronella Bug Spray (50ml), Php99.75; Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (50ml), Php129 at Rustan’s Supermarket

There you have it, I hope you guys have a lovely week. Bye!


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