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On Going To The Beach, Last Hurrah for Summah

I had to interrupt the bride post for a more pressing matter—summer fun!! Manila has been getting rain earlier than expected so I have to post this before it gets outdated.

Over the weekend, my friends and I drove up north to Zambales to finally make good on our long-overdue summer trip. This was our chosen hut, but it was still occupied the early morning we got there:

(grabbed some of these photos from my friend Albert’s Facebook)


While waiting, pitched our own tent, complete with a rechargeable fan, camp lanterns and a cooler-full of cold beer. I guess we’ve come handsomely prepared, considering. (Oh how we’ve matured..)


Cooked our own lunch—market-fresh fish, squid, pork, eggplants and bell peppers, grilled to a blackened perfection! That and boiled rice and a salad of sour mangoes and tomatoes.


The beach out front was just lovely—no bars, no fancy schmancy restaurants, huge umbrellas and lounge chairs, you know, all those heppening stuff you find in the more famous beach spots in the country. I wish people could practice restraint more…


Anyway, I can’t tell you how great it feels to be finally out of the city, with the sun on your face, the sand on your feet…


…and in the best company! My friends from college—only the coolest, funniest,well-adjusted crew one can ever hope to have. Seriously, you can never outgrow college, and the friends you make in it.



The water was deliciously cool and refreshing, but alas, no ‘surf-able’ waves..nonetheless, it was fun fooling around with the board. I’m not a surfer, but it would be cool to get to try!


Well, that bit about the sun, I was being dramatic. I was wearing a huge hat. SPF? 100%.


With that, let me segue into the beauty part of this post. Of course, I had to share!


Clockwise, from top left: Clinique Moisturesurge, Moroccan Oil, Body Shop Honey Glow Brilliance Powder, Sleek Pout Polish with SPF15, ELF All Over Color Stick in Peach Lemonade, a small vial of HerBench Pretty When Pinched Lip and Cheek Tint, (not in photo) Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion with SPF 85

I snapped this photo just as we’re about to leave the beach (slightly tanned already!), moisturized amply and still loaded up on sunblock, some cheek tint, a brush of bronzing powder and lipgloss.


I am of the no-or-minimal-makeup team when it comes to out-of-town trips. Of course, I’ll never part with sunblock (I’m prone to spotting) and I find that a touch of tint and balm is usually enough to enhance/fake a glow. If you must, stick to liquid and cream based products to keep things from going overboard.


Hope you guys were able to squeeze in a trip this fast-dwindling summer. Have fun and don’t forget your sunscreens!


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