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On Two Rimmel Mascaras: A Study On Volume

I’ve had these mascaras for a quite a while, but never got around to doing a review. Sometimes, I’m loathe to post/review about brands that aren’t locally available because, well, whatsthepoint? But then, the internet is about exactly the opposite of that! #sillyme, #naïve, #delusional, #smartaleck, #walalang #hashtagging #issofun #icantstop

Anyway, this isn’t a face-off, more of a compare-and-contrast thing. And the main point is, lash volume.


Left: Rimmel The MAX Bold Curves Extreme Volume and Lift Mascara

“Big bold lashes in a flash. Exponential Volume and Lift Mascara.”

Right: Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Adjustable Volume Mascara

“1 Mascara, 3 Looks! Turn to 1: 3x more volume, Turn to 2: 5x more volume, Turn to 3: 10x more volume..”

To make things a bit easier, I’ll just use my 3-point mascara review guide starting with the brush:


Top: Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Adjustable Volume Mascara; Bottom: Rimmel The MAX Bold Curves Extreme Volume and Lift Mascara

The 1-2-3 Looks has got a short and stubby wand, I appreciate that the small brush (and short bristles) can easily get to the roots and corners of the lashes. The Max has a big, curved brush with long bristles. This is quite tricky to get used to, but I find the tapered ends perfect for the corner and bottom lashes.

The Formula:

Both mascaras boast of amping up lash volume, and 1-2-3 Looks provides a lot of thick, black formula on the get-go. I’m not sure about the 3,5,10x of it, but expect a healthy clump of lashes. Though, yes, it is clumpy with no lengthening whatsoever. All those product can also weigh the lashes down.


Meanwhile the Max has a supposed volume and lifting formula, and you can see somewhat how my lashes are more upturned (and nicely separated) than usual. I noticed that though it doesn’t say so, this mascara contains fibers that help with the lengthening effect. That’s also probably why I like using this for my almost non-existent lower lashes.



The 1-2-3 Looks is waterproof and stays on for 6-8 hours with minimal smudging once it sets. But because it has a rich, clumpy formula, expect immediate smearing on application, so no blinking and obviously, wont work for the lower lashes. This rubs off with cleansing oil with small effort, not too much of a bother.


I get much of the smears with the Max upon application because of its brush. It doesn’t say if it’s waterproof, and this smudges after about 4-5 hours, but very minimally, I just wipe it off. This comes off easier than 1-2-3 Looks.


An Artechoke Hearts/Farts:

Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Adjustable Volume Mascara – on the slash. Really, I don’t use the knob function because it doesn’t work for me—I’d rather layer coats than get a lot of product in one go. I’m also very magalaw so I almost always end up with smears. But, for looks than need a lot of product, this is what I almost always reach out for.

Rimmel The MAX Bold Curves Extreme Volume and Lift Mascara hearts. Initially, I didn’t think I’d like a big, fat brush but I learned how to get on with it. I really like the formula of this one, really lengthening without weighing the lashes down. I also like to use this to coerce my lower lashes out for when I want to be extra lash-y. This is in my current rotation!


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