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Storage Stories: On Setting Things Clear, Makeup Wise

Oh, this has got me so excited! !

After seeing a similar setup over at some other beauty blog, I was on a semi-search for clear acrylic makeup storage. And the other week, while passing time before a movie (Hunger Games!), I saw this perfect little thing at Muji!

-saw but resolved to get the next time. Which was fortunate because the next time we went, my husband got it for me!


MUJI Acrylic Cubby Box, Php 1,250

This actually comes in other configurations, 4drawers, 2 drawers, etc. I’m eyeing the deeper drawers for next time, but for now, I’m so thrilled to show you the ‘moved-in’ version!



Perfect because I can see everything–I can remember to use everything!


Some of my lipsticks on the topmost tier…I play favorites!


These are actually most ofΒ  my makeup, I keep some more on a toolbox, and two pouches: one small one to be brought everyday, and another one to be brought for special makeup-y events. Which reminds me, I haven’t done a what’s-in-your-purse post. I should do that some time, no?

Last word, I really recommend putting your makeup (or things) in a clear type of storage, because, if you have a lot of it like I do, you tend to forget the older stuff as new ones come along. And simply because it looks so architectural sleek!


3 thoughts on “Storage Stories: On Setting Things Clear, Makeup Wise

      • well I’d have to say the same for myself! though I find myself spending more on skincare than makeup these days πŸ™‚ ever since I got the naked palette, my makeup life has felt complete. hahaha

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