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On The Importance OF Eye Primers MAC’s Little Pot Of Gold

On a previous post, I mentioned that I’ve been using a lid primer regularly. Actually, it was as if I rediscovered the purpose/importance of priming the skin to receive makeup, particularly the lids where I tend to be oily. In today’s post I’ll show you three of my eye lid primers, and how they come to play in my makeup routine. Starting with these two:


ELF Eyelid Primer. At Php 129, this is a good introductory product for priming the eye [lids]. I wrote a review of this here. It dries to a flat, dry surface as seen below:


Urban Decay Primer Potion. This has got to be the ultimate eye shadow primer. Spell U-D-P-P to every makeup junkie and you’re in good terms already. And this is because by far, this product gives the best lid surface to work on—the mousse-like texture applies very easily and dries to as a thin, even, almost impervious surface. You can see how it renders my lids matte and velvety:

DSC_1773 (2)

In both photos above, I used  the primers with the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner.

But you know me, and how quick I want things to be. When I say I’ve been using primers on a daily basis, it means I’ve been using only primers on a daily basis! Nothing on top of it, no eyeshadow—just mascara, maybe some eyeliner. And for this purpose, I found my third and best accomplice:


MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, Php 1,100

This little pot has started all the trouble for me. Somehow, I don’t find the need to put anything on top of it! The heavy glass jar contains a dense, slippery film which I usually apply with my fingers.


The cream gives a lot of slip and when applied, dries almost instantly to a dry, creaseless film. This particular Paint Pot is a soft beige with fine gold shimmer. Very flattering in day and evening light! It’s almost invisible in the close up photo below, but that’s exactly how I like it—subtle and quiet. One application is usually enough for the whole day.


So in conclusion, eye lid primers do these things for me:

1. Gives a nice, flat and surface for me to apply makeup—evens out the eyelid skin tone somewhat, ‘grabs’ the pigment off of powders and liquid so that the makeup on top of it sets.

2. On its own, gives me a clean, fresh and put-together look. I like that it brightens the upper eye area and being a plain backdrop, emphasizes my mascara. Controls the oil there too.

3. Sets makeup, making it last longer. It really does prolong the makeup, specially if you do fancy shading and contouring.

All in all, if you’re quite serious about/very into makeup, I highly recommend an eyelid primer. You can get it in different price points and still be able to benefit from their general effects. I also encourage you to keep your makeup (at least your daily makeup) simple and fuss-free and natural. It shouldn’t stress you out! There’s nothing more off-putting than someone preening and fidgeting over her makeup; that’s the exact opposite of how things should be, don’t you think?


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