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FMP: Trying A Trend, Day To Night Metallic Eyes

I haven’t done these in a while, these long photo-heavy posts, and boy do I have a lot for you today! The idea is to join in on the metallic eye trend and use my ‘cheapy-but-goody’ San San Eyeshadow Trio  for a  look that’s day and night-time appropriate.

To start off, a tinted moisturizer (I’m using Stila Tinted Moisturizer) and concealer (MAC Studiofinish Concealer in NC25) to subtly even out the skin and get rid of shadowy spots. I’m using the ‘Ecotools’ concealer brush which I’ve taken a liking to—hey, it’s great and it works!

DSC_1654 (3)

San San Eyeshadow Trio in 02, reviewed here.

DSC_1665 (2)

With the face all set, I applied the left-most shade all over the lids, extending to the brow bone. And then the middle shade to the crease and outer lower lash line. Blend with a clean eye shadow brush.

DSC_1666 (3)

Intensify the metallic shadow with the third, right-most shade applying mainly to the outer corners of the eyes. Blend again until you blur all the colors together.

DSC_1671 (3)

Next, take an eyeliner brush to apply a metallic black eye shadow (Forever 21 Eyeshadow palette) as a liner, flicking slightly upwards at the end. Blend out and repeat. This really takes a lot of blending out, but it’s worth it—your makeup’s gonna last longer.


Take your waterproof black eyeliner pencil (Maybelline Crayon Liner) and line your eyes generously allover. Then take the right-most shade from the palette and apply all over the lower lash line and inner corners of the eyes.


Apply mascara (Avon Supershock Mascara), loads of it, on upper and lower (curled) lashes. Fill in your eye brows as well and brush them in to place (Face Shop Brow Powder Duo and Animal Farm Eyebrow Mascara).


Use a fluffy brush to apply powder (Maybelline Clear and Smooth Face Powder) all over the face. Contour and sculpt the under sides of the cheeks with a matte bronzer (H&M Bronzing Powder in Gorgeous Tan, which I absolutely love!). I took some of the San San on my fingers and patted it on upper area the cheekbones as well.


Lastly, lined my lips (MAC Subculture) and filled it in with Rimmel Long Last Finish Lipstick in Undressed (love this!) topped with Rimmel Long Last Finish Lipstick in Coral in Gold at the center.


Here are some more shots of the finished look. I like how wearable and not-too-heavy this makeup turned out to be. You just need to blend, blend, blend and apply the liner carefully! Also, in retrospect, this makeup can benefit from a dose of eyeshadow primer.




That’s it, let me know if I missed out anything. Or, do leave a comment if you have any questions!


5 thoughts on “FMP: Trying A Trend, Day To Night Metallic Eyes

  1. Will take note of this. I really should learn to use eyeshadows properly 🙂 I’ve been trying every so often but maybe I am not courageous enough or confident enough about the way I apply and blend them.

    • There are only two rules I have with eye shadow application:
      1. Practice, as you wont finish all THOSE makeup anyway and;
      2. Blend like your life depended on it, there’s no way you can mess up with a (clean) blending brush.

      • Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve been trying on eyeshadows these days pero normally one color lang. And if ever man I use two colors, it’s earth colors or something with black hahaha XDDD

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