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On A Black-Themed Wedding; To Marriages and Friendships Forever (Part 1)

Last Saturday, I attended my dear friend CA’s wedding at the Sanctuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park. She’s the third one to tie the knot in our high school barkada and we were too thrilled to celebrate her getting married with her college sweetheart! On my end, it was something to look forward to after my own wedding—somehow, when you’re married, all weddings take a whole new personal meaning. Maybe because you know how it feels like, to be wed and to be married.

Anyway, before I wax sentimental, I wanted to share with you how cool the wedding’s motif was—black with gold/silver accents! Since I’m a  married woman, I was exempted from the entourage, but all of my single friends were! How fun!

My highschool friends, Czarina, Kat and Lois before the ceremony.


H and I, hellos at 8am!

gary pixman1

I’m sharing the highlight photo: The couple are really good friends, and it clearly shows! So cute!


Caught on camera–my friend Czarina snapped a photo of me retouching during the post-wedding photo session! I was switching from pale to red lipstick, notice!


Here’s another post-wed photo of us ladies, courtesy of Kat’s friend/date. My friends working those little fancy hats while I had fascinator-envy–my head was a tad bare lonely! 😦


After the wedding was a really fun reception at the Sanctuario hall.  And here the group with the lovely couple, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Benedict Flores!


The stellar bride, CA with her sister. That wedding glow.. and a cute hat, no?


Congratulations and best wishes Paul and CA!! Here’s to many years of friendship and love!

Makeup [and maybe outfit] details on the next post! Check back soon!


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